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Black Woman Marries HERSELF Cause She Couldn’t Find A Husband By The Time She Turned 40

MasterJayN100MasterJayN100 real niggaz move in silenceSomewhere in this Big Ol WorldPosts: 11,261 ✭✭✭✭✭
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With the reported percentages of black men being dead, in jail or marrying outside their race it’s no wonder a black woman can’t find a good husband.. (If you feed into those statistics)

But now, thanks to a woman in Houston, Texas a lot of black women might start a new trend of marrying themselves.


Every little girl in America grows up fantasizing about the big day.. The day she will get married to her prince in shining armor.. The day she becomes a wife with a big ring on her finger.

For a teacher in the country’s 4th largest city with a black population totaling more than 1/4 of the city’s growing 2.1 million people, that day somehow never came.

Yasmin Eleby‘s wedding was everything she’d ever dreamed of.

Complete with singers, a band, a gorgeous candlelight ceremony and a white cake to match, Yasmine promised to love and honor… herself.


Early into adulthood Yasmin promised herself that if she hadn’t found a mate by the time she was 40, she would marry herself, and she kept her promise.


What better way to start the year than with an act of self love?

After a moment of pause, you may be asking, how do you marry… yourself?


Along with 10 bridesmaids Yasmin’s big day went down without a hitch.

Wearing a royal purple gown a glowing Yasim, walked down the aisle and bestowed her mother with the honor of giving her away..


What type of Minister would participate in an act of self Marriage you may be wondering..

Yasmin’s own sister who just happens to be a minister officiated the entire wedding and helped her say her vows.

However it was only a spiritual ceremony – because you can’t legally marry yourself in America or anywhere else for that matter.

Plus contrary to some black women’s belief, Jesus ain’t going so you can not be married to him..


She says the best part of her special day was having her family there to “stand up” for her.

Her other three sisters were bridesmaids and her mom gave her away; or back to herself in this case.


People participate in all types of phuckery these days.. Even though her phuckery is pretty cute, this woman right here is the Captain of the phuckery squad..

Sometimes a person may think they have self-love but what they have is major blockage that keeps them from being able to self-analyze themselves..

Real self-love means you’re able to evaluate yourself, you know your good and bad and what you need to work on.. If it was so important for this woman to be married by the time she was 40-years-old she should have done research on marriages and found out what she was doing wrong in dating.

That’s all I’m going to say about this cause I’m sure many of you women will applaud this mess.


Yasmin Eleby Married Herself When She Turned 40-years-old http://askkissy.com/2015/01/houston-yasmin-eleby-black-women-bride-marriage-cant-find-husband-purple-wedding-dress/6/#ixzz3Pl7iijYE
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