Tracks you HAVE to bump in the Whip...

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List the some of the music that go hard in your car...

Doesn't have to be anything particularly lyrical, no judgements here.

My short-list atm:

Guaranteed head-nodding every-time this shit comes on.

Few Alternates...


Pursuit of Happiness/Mojo So Dope/Heart of Lion- Cudda
Call Ya Bluff-Ludacris
Even Flow-Pearl Jam
Blackbird-Alter Bridge
Red Velvet Seat/Ticking Bomb-Aloe Blacc
Too Much-Que
I'm Grown-G-Unit
The B-Bop-Hopsin
Money Trees/Swimming Pools-Kendrick
Blood Hound-50 Cent
Wishy Washy-Migos (This one is LOL)
Trufflebutter-Ace Hood remix
Some Drake shit

Your turn...

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