Horizon: Zero Dawn



  • Negro_CaesarNegro_Caesar Fuck Bitches Get Money Posts: 5,939 ✭✭✭✭✭
    I Really Want To Get This Game But Last Time I Went Out On A Limb And Picked Up Something Different I Got Stuck With A Copy Of Fallout 4..Once These MFers Had Me Crafting Chairs And Beds I Was Like MAN GTFOH...Shit Seemed Like A Chore

    I'm Old School I Usually Only Play The Campaign And Then I'm Out..Don't Really Play Online Too Much Unless Its Street Fighter

    With That Being Said....Is This Shit Like A Hack And Slash Within A Sandbox?

    I'm Thinking I Won't Have The Patience For This Shit...That's Why Steered Clear Of The WItcher And Bloodborne Even With The Rave Reviews

    No. Dope game, worth a buy
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