Create Your Own Label 2015 Part I: Auctions

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Hey Guys ;))
Thanks for the opportunity for this newbie to host!!! The first round will start tonight at 8pm eastern. Below is the rules I copied from a previous game and I tried to set it up in categories to make it comprehendible. I'm following the same rules given however when it comes to the set up of the auction I have to have structure due to my work and school schedules. Sundays will be the designated day of auctions unless told otherwise preferably a couple of hours in advance. Time can be flexible as well but for the mean time 8 pm eastern is set in stone. I'll do updates on artists/finances no later than that following Wednesday by midnight and check back for hints on which tier maybe next. Yes, I am female but don't get it twisted my loves I WILL NOT TOLERATE trolling or insulting my hip hop knowledge. Any questions or concerns, hit my PMs and with all that.........Let The Games Begin :-*


1.Name perspective labels- Every Label begins with $500 million

Sion- Sion Records
Tony- Skyline Records
Iceberg- DROGAS
Vader- Hayden Ave. Entertainment
Morgan- Namless Studios
Jay- Blackhouse Productions
44- 44 Since 88 Entertainment
Ghost- Mad Ave Records
Ibex- Freak Hoes and Flows

2. Tier 2 auction
3. Producer auction



- No retracting bids. If you don't participate for an extended period, your label will be auctioned off. During bidding, you can get a refund for an artist you want for 50% money back. You may do this 3 times. No overbidding, for ex. No bidding 100 Mill on a artist straight from the jump. Building your way up to 100 Mill is fine but bidding that high from the start is unacceptable. If overbidding occurs I will shut down the game and continue at another time.

- 1 Mill is the minimum bid amount during an auction, you can't bid lower than that.

- Signing pairs, groups, duos, CEOs or label mates will generate bonus points which will result in having more money to bid.

-PM Mystery Bidding: During Pm bidding, labels will not know how much/what is being offered and the best offer will win.

-Mystery Artist: I'll post up a picture of a question mark. Players will not know what they are bidding on until I yell sold and reveal who the artist is.

- If a player drops out of the game, their roster will be thrown in the "Draft Pick-up". Any artist that is passed and not bid on during the auctions will automatically be thrown in the "Draft Pick-Up" or "Mystery Bids".


- Trades and money offers are allowed via PM. Host must be included. Both labels must agree with trade in a PM. A trade can only be initiated AFTER an auction not during. A sale however can be done during the game.

- if an artist is traded you will not be debited for the remaining balance of their contract (i.e. if Kanye is bought for $200M and traded to say J.Cole who was bought for $50M you will not be in debt for or lose $150M). If however, the artist is a tier 1 artist and traded for a SINGLE tier 3 or tier 4 artist you will have to pay at least $50 million of your cash on hand for the tier 3 or tier 4 artist (this way we make it fair). Unless the deal entails multiple artists, an entire group/duo, a tier 2 or tier 1 artist the rule will not apply.


- You cannot have more than 20 rappers on your labels. Once you sign 20 rappers, you won't be able to get anymore (this does not include singers or producers). You will be responsible however with meeting deadlines for handing in cover art and albums you create as a result.

- You are FREE to change the CEO, sub labels or groups that you create at any point during the game even before the finals. You will be responsible however with meeting deadlines for handing in new cover art or albums you create as a result.

- Creating new sub labels before the tournament with the same artists will NOT net you bonus funds, the bonus can only be received the first time.

- You are allowed to create multiple sub labels. Because we have many players and more money, everyone can't be the main 3 labels in Hip-Hop but everyone can be the Warner Bros/Atlantic or Koch of the game, it is imperative we give everyone equal standing. Once again you will be responsible for meeting deadlines for handing in new cover art or albums you create.

- During the auctions 2 labels may now sign 1 artist simultaneously (for example Rocafella and GOOD Music could both sign Kendrick Lamar). However, they will not be able to use the joint venture or artwork they create against each other in the tournament. And a joint venture signee can only be done once and a tariff of $80 million will have to be paid if the artist is a tier 1 and/or tier 2 artist. Both labels will be required to pay this tariff, it cannot be divided in half. If one label does not have the funds both labels will not be able to do the joint venture.


Points will help set up seeds for part II of the CYOL.

Players will get:
100 points for picking up a tier 1 artist.
75 points for picking up a tier 2 artist.
50 points for picking up a producer.
25 points for picking up a tier 3 artist.
10 points for picking up a tier 4 artist.



Artists will be categorized into 4 tiers based on their status in the music industry.
For example:
Jay Z, Drake, Nas...= Tier 1 (Tier 1 artist usually go for 150 M)
J. Cole, Wale, A$AP Rocky = Tier 2 (Tier 2 artist usually go for 70 M)
Chance the Rapper, ASAP Ferg... = Tier 3
Cyhi the Prince, Mike G.... = Tier 4

****Tiers will NOT be auctioned in order*****

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