The Official Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 3 thread - Now Showing "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2"



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    Max. wrote: »
    Lets fuckn go

    good choice but this whole venom solo movie shit is retarded. they havent even done venom correctly in a movie with fucking spiderman lol

    btw, thought Hardy said he wasnt gettin swole no more because it was too hard on his body?
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    You became an annoying poster

    I read it . it didn't say anything we don't already know.
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    Someone said this movie was gonna bomb... its tracking to do 140 mil


    dumbass got it wrong
    metal face terrorist
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    Ghost Rider was a bad mofo in the AoS finale. Might be the best live TV adaptation of a comic character so far. Sucks he was so expensive to make that this will likely be his last season.
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    Ok I'm out this thread till the movie drops they giving too much away
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    read youtube comments before watching trailer: "well I've seen the whole movie now youtube tv is great"

    thanks for the warning comment guy. i'm not watching i'll wait for the movie.
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    New Inhumans trailer in the link humans-trailer-leaks-online
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    Spider-Man: Silver Sable & Black Cat Spin-Off Move Lands Director

    Sony is moving forward with an entire Spider-Man universe, minus the Spider-Man himself. It was previously announced that Ruben Fleischer would direct a Venom movie, with Tom Hardy set to star, and now the studio has announced the Black Cat/Silver Sable film also has someone at the helm.

    Gina Prince-Bythewood, writer and director of The Secret Life of Bees, will direct the new spin-off. Sony has aptly titled the film, Silver and Black.

    The Hollywood Reporter brok the news on Thursday morning, along with some info about the film's writers. Chris Yost (Thor: Ragnarok) and Lisa Joy (Westworld) have done work on the script.

    How involved Spider-Man is with the solo project remains to be seen, as Tom Holland's involvement has not been announced yet. He can next be seen in his upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming, which currently has a 4.13 out of 5 on's anticipation rankings.

    The cast includes Tom Holland, Michael Keaton, Zendaya, Donald Glover, Jacob Batalon, Laura Harrier, Tony Revolori, Tyne Daly, Bokeem Woodbine, with Marisa Tomei, and Robert Downey Jr. It also includes Jon Favreau, Martin Starr, Kenneth Choi, Michael Mando, Selenis Leyva, Isabella Amara, Jorge Lendeborg, Jr., JJ Totah, and Hannibal Buress.

    Spider-Man: Homecoming hits theaters on July 7, 2017, while Venom currently has an October 5, 2018 release date. The Animated Spider-Man Movie debuts on December 21, 2018, and the rumored Silver Sable and Black Cat films have no release windows.
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    New Details Connect Ant-Man And Captain Marvel In Marvel Cinematic Universe

    The Captain Marvel movie coming from Marvel Studios has revealed minimal details ahead of its production. The film will follow up the titular heroine's introduction in Avengers: Infinity War, with Brie Larson in the role under the direction of Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck.

    Now, the scientist behind some of the Marvel Cinematic Universe's most detailed and intriguing moments has revealed a connection between Captain Marvel and an already released Marvel Studios film: Ant-Man. As the story goes, Captain Marvel's powers will be better understood with explanation of the Quantum-verse introduced in Ant-Man, according to Dr. Spiros Michalakis, a quantum physicist and staff researcher at the California Institute of Technology.

    "This is exciting for the future," Michalakis said. "There are different ways that some of these ideas appear on-screen in a few years. Not just for Ant-Man, but also for Captain Marvel and all of the Marvel Cinematic Universe."

    With the tease of Captain Marvel's powers being explained, the immediate conclusion to jump to is the film telling an origin story. While Michalakis was unable to go into further detail about Captain Marvel, he did tease what it takes to take flight, in the closest thing to terms us non-scientists can wrap our brains around.

    "Gravity, as Einstein said, is nothing but the curvature of space-time," Michalakis said. "The curvature of space-time is the curvature of something we call the manifold, like a 4-dimensional structure like the sphere, or a globe. So, if you understand that, and manipulate that, you can change the curvature of space-time. Hence, changing gravity."

    During a visit to Marvel Studios headquarters, had a chance to check out the first concept art of Brie Larson in her Captain Marvel costume.

    The costume was pulled straight from the pages of Marvel Comics. The most notable difference is the downplaying of the yellow which grabs the eye of those looking at Carol Danver's constume. Instead, it is a much lighter yellow, which can appear to be white at a glance. Otherwise, the suit on the cover of Kelly Sue Deconnick's Captain Marvel #1 is a quite accurate representation of what fans can expect to see in live action.

    Artist Andy Park did point out that the costume is still evolving and Larson has not yet tried on the design featured in the concept art images.
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    why all these lame ass spinoff movies?
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    I like guardians 2 more than the first movie. I didn't think it was funnier than the first but I thought the story was better and the ending was definitely better than the first.

    I liked how they introduced a seriously main character in the infinity war in this guardians. I'm excited to see Thor connect more of the infinity war plot as well. This will be the first Thor movie I will go watch in the theaters
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