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  • Mafioso 1Mafioso 1 Tucson, ArizonaPosts: 6
    Lets Play 2 on 2, Splash brothers shooting it out like, you werent you, aftermath. Sign me
  • Mafioso 1Mafioso 1 Tucson, ArizonaPosts: 6
    Last one I lost one, top gun lost like shotgun or gorilla zoe, bankhead like shawty lo, throw em some gucci and game em on the low, call em all sohh sohh, you know, that summer flow, where im all of them in one, one more time for rev run, go to bed with your gun,, and die another day, casino royale 50 cent a play, 21 to get in, make your girl bounce off the rim, bootleg some timbs, like timbo kimbo smoke his ass like endo, you cant see me, keep them shades on, turn sacramento into pawns call it lebton, Do or die like russian roulette, fuck a set, tennis when they throw em over the net, take his ass to tibet, or costa rico, call him a geo, my valet is free though, i hit em up, buy them all sluts, i said 007 they all went nuts, Cold Cuz fuck who you was, MC keep the levi passed for me for the dead presidents throw em to me, Bernie Sanders 6th win, im gone off this topic forever food for thought is back in. Lets vote for the Democrats again. Bernie Sanders for president. Who next.
  • DmoneyakaChavoDmoneyakaChavo JerseyPosts: 5
    Lifes a bitch , and im iight wit it cuz I'm a pimp, light the spliff and pass it to my niggas I'm in the cipher wit , I'm trying to flip and get it quick, the devils in my head wit shit, telling me to sell the shit, put pirellis on a better whip, take another pull and see the world in slow motion, whats the point of even trying to be legit theres no hope in, a system which imprisons men and women trying to progress, I'm never getting no rest, don't try me cuz I'm so stressed..

  • shaded7shaded7 Posts: 1
    edited August 2016
    First post, take notice, Any bar after this a bonus,now focus, I'm about throw this, whole script, into your face, now everyone knows you're a disgrace, there's no hope for the game while i'm flowing, like the ocean, poking holes in your brain with a clothes pin, baked on motrin and potion, smoking til' im in the air, coastin, like a baloon that got away, trying to go pop in the mainstream, moneys inflating, rappers ain't making bank, but i ain't cooking up shit to start caking, I' just do it for devastation, lyrical detonation, Spiritual cynical biblical flow, embrace it,my third eye sees all, I start looking like Tien during meditation, especially when I'm on medication sedating and i'm baked out of my mind while my head is racing.
  • itsXsevenitsXseven Ontario, CanadaPosts: 2
    Lets see what I can jot down...

    I intend to become the maniac behind mahogany.
    In due time local rappers won't stand thought of me.
    Many question rather or not if I need a lobotomy.
    Because I'm a monster with this rap shit, an oddity,
    that ought to be recognized audibly
    and never the less; probably
    would be thought of as a verbal terrorist,
    as I'm dropping bombs constantly
    and honestly,
    I haven't seen many people do it how I do it
    and I do it like I'm proving
    that I'm not interested in losing
    if you listen close enough it is proven.
    that I'm bound to be number one inside of my sector
    I'll devour competition like my last name is Lecter
    if you weighed the impact other lyricists have,
    when constructing a verse, it's something like a feather
    when it hits the ground, when your hear the sound
    of my determination to become the best around
    it makes so called rappers wanna put their pencil down
    maybe in a millennium they'll polish up my crown
    and rest it on my cranium as I fill a stadium
    but I'm not in it for the fame, well maybe some
    but just enough to pay my bills,
    and have the time to give my lady some
    time with her and I, and our toes in the sand
    I might seem a bit conceited
    but like inception,
    an idea has been seeded
    deep within my mind where only I can see it
    and I see a supercharged Firebird burning up the drive way
    I see me getting that without a 9-5 working my way
    grinding as hard as I can in order to get some high pay
    see it's only a matter of time before I get my day.
  • Young_ChitlinYoung_Chitlin YCN Chief/FCC Member/#RedVelvetSquad Member/IC Task Force General/Future Lawyer ASUville, PhoenixPosts: 20,776 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Doing my Gym REPS
    Fuck beast or bitch
    It is Mugetsu time
    Saitama at the hero test
  • narvnarv Posts: 40
    edited October 2016
    it's that narvell about to bless the mic.
    got's to be true, keep it 100 like the og's on the block.
    smokeing like a newport. when iam rocking the place i do it
    with heart. above cloud 9 is were i be at.
  • Preach2TeachPreach2Teach I like to move it move it, I like to, MOVE IT! Posts: 2,481 ✭✭✭✭✭
    she told me come to her place, at 8:15
    I got there at 8:10 feeling keen, she was just 18
    still ripe still tight and I'm fucking excited!
    delighted that she thought of me and then she invited
    she opened the door and then she opened up her legs, lucky me
    her pussy got so fucking wet I felt like I was lost at sea
  • Ether44magEther44mag Posts: 889 ✭✭✭✭
    edited November 2016
    I'm surrounded by blind sheep
    remote controlled by devils,when I speak truth they wanna blast me,blasphemy/
    they dont see half of what I see ,I refused the deal the devil offered me/I'm not fueled by greed but dealin a half a ki is still better than a 9 to 5 ,I like to feel alive , the way they want us to live is a lie/

    the point is to seek truth ,elevate and teach the youth /,I break distractions into fractions and sneak through
    wink at the sun and tell him jesus is biting you , i'm never hiding fool ,especially when i'm over their heads I stand in clear view/ , no smoke without flames is what they told you but thats bull/ ,there was no planes and the sky aint the limit nigga use your brain ! its all games, cause negative energy is needed /,confusion and fear makes the head bleed and the soul hide ,it cant die tho , but then it wont ride ! while the shills aint going to chill, most of your money going to bills/
    you are scared to die but you believe in God ? that dont make sense , you are actually scared to live/leave still gon get tested/ when that day comes you'll come back to this verse to ask questions.

  • Orvett VaygaOrvett Vayga Posts: 1
  • Oh man...

    Whatever it is you've got, its pretty clear you've not got it
    I'll have your ego's disappearing faster than the rainforests
    But I don't want to leave you feeling down, so pucker up
    'n keep your head up, from the force of one of my uppercuts
    I hit so hard I reverse the earth's gravitational pull
    Put you straight to sleep, so you're wife can get the marriage annulled
    Like a woman before the Suffragette, it doesn't matter what you say
    This battle's a 1-way street, its only you who likes to go 2-ways
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