Light it up cover by CHG

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Light it up..............

Wasting with Angels
They gon light it up, gotta discern they angles
Lucifer fell, watching for the day bro
No sense to brag, cuz this ain't forever
Better read da bible, cuz that is forever
Da letter never fades, so better days is a promise
I promise, if I ever met my thorn
I wouldn't hold him hostage for all the pain he has caused me
Treasures gained treasures lost
Pleasures under pressure
So hide my stash in my dresser
Double hearted or double minded
Either way I wish I could rewind time
Back when I was Christian not back slid-den
So far I'm 4 grams in
I'm racing to the finish
Just need to sleep for a minute
GOT CHRIST on my mind,
Don't know why, maybe just maybe
It might be he can hear my hearts cry
Volume on low though, cuz I'm on the low though
Cuz got a micro in the back of my earlobe

Been months since my realist flow ever spoke
Stlil binging, my next high next time
Might use Syringes
Got My mind made up, but that's the song I hear
In my mind that I can't seem to find
Noises unusual, spirits be like calm it down
Telepathy, synthetic, outbound only
So no need to wait for the beep
August 15th three twenty thAts a rap I've said plenty


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