We need a Tony Toni Tone and Dj Quik album

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They actually have chemistry and they are crazy talented and underrated artists.


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    Man i am a huge DJ QUIK fan.... i made a similar thread like this months ago but niggas aint feeling Quik up in here http://community.allhiphop.com/discussion/427303/can-we-finally-get-a-dj-quik-produced-el-debarge-album#latest

    Quik is one of the greatest producers and produce some of the smoothest G shit, R&B and smooth jazz flavored production for the last 20 years..

    But Tony Toni Tone are legends point blank and some great ass artist & musicians, not to many R&B Singers, groups can say they are musicians, a lost art in the game and that's why Saddiq and Quik vibe because Quik is a musician and play instruments....

    I want a El Debarge Produced DJ Quik album, But let's talk about the Trio of DJ Quik, Robert "Fonksta" Bacon and G-One when they get together on a track magical shit happens...

    DJ Quik produced some shit on Danny Boy's album, every quik fan should own that ALBUM.. Dj Quik and Devante Swing Showed their asses on that album and Demetrius Shipp a disciple of Teddy Riley and a dope ass producer from the 90's produced a banger that shows how Devante Swing was influence by Teddy Riley also, you would of swore it was a Devante Swing cut...

    Danny Boy - Can I Come Over (Produced by DJ Quik)

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