My last letter on the fly

yahwehprofetyahwehprofet Posts: 974 ✭✭✭✭
Gotta do this, I'm not new to this
New Jerusalem gotta get clean b4 He makes new of this
It's not new or a diss
It's whether a Christian heard or just viewed through it
Stupid or foolishness
Both sneakers on so my judgement is Supreme Court or my fault
Can't count mine or they fault
I'm lost my cross can't floss
Cuz I'm across da presence
He's essence, first time
Worst times, he saved mine
Oregon to Nevada statelines
Shoulda died woulda
Like he could've but 65
Didn't die, suicide, stayed alive
3 bottles of Benadryl
Like son, it's a drill
They gon hate you , it's for real
Spirits gon fly but 2 mandates
It's your mandate, Moses never hate
Love those, your life can relate

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