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    Yo that ssd changes your whole gaming experience on Dragon Age and Witcher 3, the load times are so short you blink and miss them on console you can go run an errand come back and still be loading.

    yea mayne lol

    im bout to cop another ssd. I got my OS and a few games on it

    loading times are really fast imo
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    I needed ram so I said fuck it might as well upgrade everything for few extra dollars cuz ima keep it a stack my first joint was a small form factor and I had that bitch rigged up to fit the graphics card. Windows 10 just installed in 10 minutes no pun.

    What gpu yu running?
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    (I'm putting the important stuff in all caps, lol)

    Tip: Unless you're just building a PC for the experience, or you want a certain chipset or high quality parts

    When doing a budget build, it's generally cheaper to buy a refurbished PC, with a decent CPU THAT'S NOT IN A SLIMLINE CASE. Before you buy, look up the PC's manual to find out how many HDD it can support, if it can support an SSD, the maximum amount of RAM it can support, and what kind of PCIE it has
    From there you just replace the the PSU, maybe add some RAM depending, and add a decent GPU.


    Some manufacturer PC's use proprietary connectors, meaning they might have some weird connections that are different than your regular PC.

    Great example: Lenovo often uses some weird PSU and mobo that uses a 14 pin connector instead of a 24 pin connector
    Fortunately, a lot of people with Lenovos want to upgrade their PSU as well, so companies started making adapters for it.

    I Bought this for $270 a few weeks ago. (Note refurb sometimes don't come with the exact listed specs, but typically pretty close.)

    Instead I got an i5 3550 and a 2 TBB HDD,
    Intel Core i5 3rd Gen 3470 (3.20 GHz) i5 3550
    8 GB DDR3
    1 TB HDD 2 TB HDD
    Windows 10 Pro
    Intel HD Graphics 2500

    From buying refurbished I saved (just rough estimate off the top of my head)
    CPU - $200
    RAM - $50.00
    Mobo - $70
    Case - $35
    Harddrive $50 (unless you want an SSD)
    OS - $30-100+ (we'll go with $30)
    = $435

    = $165 saved.

    All I did was put a new PSU in it, was thinking about throwing an RX 460 in it, but I'm not going to be using it for any gaming, so nah.

    It's not my main PC, I got it for something else.

    I also bought this refurb monitor for it, it actually came brand new.

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    Im rocking a Lenovo also didnt know about the psu because my gpu doesnt need additional power. I remember watching a view vids where they mentioned that those adapters had a few cons cant remember them off the top of my head though.

    But yeah there are so many entry ways into PC gaming these days including refurb and used PCs especially with the gtx 1050 gpu which operates off any prebuilt psu. I went used myself but might upgrade one more time before Destiny 2 drops.
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    They were worried that the adapter may not be perfect, and could cause stalls, lockups or other problems, but there hasn't been anyone to show this actually happening.

    I'm not really worried, all the reviews for these adapters are 5 stars, and you know how petty some reviewers can be, if there were problems I would assume those reviews would drop down to about 3 1/2 stars.
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    my biggest piece of advice is to make sure you have a case that has sufficient air flow

    with my first build, i made the mistake of getting a smaller case b/c i wanted a similar build like a console. I didnt get it THAT small, but i wasnt trying to have no super computer looking case either lol

    but, eventually, it would suffer from heating issues b/c my gpu would get so hot, but there was not enough air flow to suck the air out and my machine would constantly crash as a result

    got a bigger case and my parts are now cool af. I also have more fans too.
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    edited May 21
    I hate doing cable management when swapping cases
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    looking good brah
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    I still need to do this lol, people at my job always like how do you work in IT and never built a computer lol
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