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The Official 2010 Fresh Produce Beat Battle Classic: Rules and Guidelines

Tha KillaTha Killa Posts: 4,451 ✭✭✭
edited January 2011 in Fresh Produce
What up fellas? Welcome back!

Here's the rules for the next few rounds of competition:

Each battle will be going 3 rounds with the judges almost determined. I'm open to any suggestions on how to score each round, but so far I think that Round 1 should be worth a point, Round 2 be worth 2 and Round 3 be worth 3. That way if someone loses the 1st 2 Rounds they'll have a shot at coming back and winning it in Overtime.

Round 1 will consist of each producer submitting one of the hottest beats of their choice in the style that I give you. So if I ask you to submit a Dirty Souf beat each, the best beat, both sonically AND thematically, wins the Round. So if you ain't versatile, or at least have beats of different styles I suggest you pull out now. For each round I'll give you a day to submit that beat and I'll PM you a reminder of the deadline. So if you ain't already got a hot beat that fits the style that I ask for, make one nagga!

Round 2 will consist of me giving each of you a modern Hip-Hop/R&B song's acapella track to remix and whoever constructs a better beat than both their opponent AND/OR the original producer, wins the Round

Round 3 is the K.O. round, and it will consist of me giving both producers an old Soul, Rock, Jazz, Blues, Swing, Folk or Reggae song to sample and the person who best flips the sample wins the Round.

If it has to go into Overtime, I'll make a thread in The Hater Free Forum of The Reason and/or Grown & Sexy and they'll vote on whose beats were the hottest/most consistent.


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