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We will NOT be closing the current community, but we will be porting user data over to the new system over time, so please get used to using the new community!

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jazzybellajazzybella Where Hennything is Possible :)Posts: 4,890 ✭✭✭✭✭
I wrote this in 2010 and its still pretty good :)

"I hurt so much that God cried for me
Thats why the rain falls softly on the rough ground where we were suppose to meet
Built to last forever on a unstable foundation
I kissed away the memories that only time let linger
We cant be friends cuz the absence of ur mind hurts the inner walls of my soul
...so I let go
LOST....run blindly for days...months...years
CONFUSED...because I gave you my best and left myself nothing else
TRAPPED...in my own insecurities I lay motionless in a black and white film that replays our moments in 3D
WAIT...Because I know that it can't be over...tell me it isn't over.....show me it's not over"







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