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Hi :)

Most of you know about the Create Your Own Label game that's played here in the Reason annually. We are in the final stages of crowning a winner YET our judges cant stay consistent :angry: As the host, it can be very frustrating because this game is already time consuming. My goal is to be finished by Halloween, SO if there is anyone who have a few moments of free time that can contribute a short response based off the judging criteria, PLEASE PM ME TODAY to let me know you're interested. Below as a sample response from a judge.

"Sales: ***** Entertainment. Solely for Mary J Blige*. Had this been years ago I would have voted for ***** Records. Sadly in real life I wish Mary* would do an album like this to show her range if she has it.

Longevity: *****Records. Hot Boyz* sealed that for me. The music they make will have them around for a long time. Nothing about them is on some follower shit. They all have different personalities which are relatable to the common hip hop fan.

Critical Acclaim: ******Records. Welcome to Nellyville* came out on top for me. It's the type of music that I feel is needed in today's society. It would reflect the thoughts of people going through it.

Cohesion: ******Entertainment. That whole label was built off of cohesion. I could see so many cross collabs off that label alone that would be hella dope.

Album Covers: *****Records. This was my easiest vote out of all the categories to choose from. They really reflect the artist. Esp. Tyga* covers. Those were the standouts for me.

I have *****Records edging out *****Entertainment by a vote of 3-2"

*Names have been replaced
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