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    Don't know much about the kid but from what I've seen I'm getting Exum vibes from Ntilikina
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    Don't know much about the kid but from what I've seen I'm getting Exum vibes from Ntilikina

    Thought the same thing. Between him and Fox I'll go with Fox just because i have alot more tape of him.
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    Carlton Bragg transferring to ASU
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    5 star SF Kevin Knox commits to Kentucky.

    Mo bamba is up next and potentially Pitt grad transfer Cam Johnson (2 years eligibilty)

    Current roster

    5 star PG Quade Green
    5 star SG Hamidou Diallo (if he stays)
    5 star SF Kevin Knox
    5 star SF Jared Vanderbilt
    5 star PF PJ Washington
    5 star C Nick Richards
    4 star SG Jemarl Baker
    4 star PG Shai Alexander

    Returning players

    Wenyen gabriel
    Sacha killeya jones
    Tai wynyard
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    Knox is over rated. Should be a solid player but he's all athleticism and zero skill. Bamba on the other hand is a problem. I like Richards too don't see Mo going there with NR already committed.
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    Texas has been been coming on strong for Bamba from what I've read lately.

    Calipari over recruits to a certain degree. All those five stars & only 5 starting spots. Killeya-Jones & Gabriel had several DNP's last season & if they can't get no burn next year who knows how they handle it? Its only 40 mins in a game & only 5 ppl can play at a time.
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    Nobody does less with more than Coach Cal
    DaCaliKingG.AvantSo ILL
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    Shizlansky wrote: »
    Nobody does less with more than Coach Cal

    Dem niggas not even gon win the division next year we gon take that.
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    I don't know how Calipari does that shit and has that many high-ranking recruits like that, I couldn't keep chemistry on my team on College Hoops on Playstation because niggas kept leaving early. Niggas used to underachieve like a motherfucker lol.
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    BedStuy wrote: »

    LMAO at Caleb Swanigan being the only one who didn't get his body fat % measured. I guess they didn't wanna embarrass his fat ass.
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    Wisconsin's Nigel Hayes won't — and shouldn't — 'stick to sports' if he makes NBA

    Wisconsin forward Nigel Hayes spent his time at the NBA draft combine performing agility tests, competing in five-on-five games in front of scouts and answering questions from general managers about his societal views.

    Hayes tested the NBA waters last year, but after lukewarm feedback returned for his senior season with the Badgers. He helped lead them to the Sweet 16 and said the extra year helped his game. It also emboldened him to lend his voice to social issues such as racial inequality and college athletes' rights.

    He said NBA teams have been receptive to his public stances.

    "Those questions have come up," Hayes said after his workouts in Chicago. "It's been a resounding (response) in a good way. People appreciate what I do. I think a lot of guys on the other side of the table might see an intelligent person, a person with good character who speaks up and stands for things.

    "Obviously I know basketball is important but other things are important to me other than basketball."

    That underlines the stark contrast between the way the NFL and NBA treat players, especially black players.

    Quarterback Colin Kaepernick reportedly has received little to no interest from NFL teams since parting ways the 49ers. He sparked national dialogue about race and also faced backlash for kneeling during the national anthem as a way to draw attention to the lack of racial equality in the United States.

    Bleacher Report cited an anonymous general manager saying that some teams won't sign Kaepernick because they "genuinely hate him and can't stand what he did. ... They think showing no interest is a form of punishment."

    The NBA in recent years has welcomed players' outspokenness on social issues, specifically black players highlighting racial issues. From LeBron James and Dwyane Wade's speech about racial injustice at the 2016 ESPYs to players wearing hoodies to honor Trayvon Martin to wearing "I Can't Breathe" shirts during warmups after Eric Garner was killed by New York police.

    Hayes is not listed on major NBA mock draft lists, but an anonymous scout said his versatility may lead to him being picked. But if Hayes isn't selected, it won't be because of his political views. And that's a good thing.

    If he does get drafted or signs an NBA contract later, Hayes plans to use his improved finances for community outreach and an even larger platform to continue to share his message. That, of course, would be a good thing too.

    Hayes wrote a letter to his university and sports fans addressing an incident in which a fan at a Badgers football game wore a President Obama mask with a noose around his neck. Hayes called for Wisconsin to confront instances of racism on campus.

    He also became one of the most vocal critics of the NCAA, holding up a sign during an ESPN College GameDay telecast that read "Broke College Athlete." He has written essays, including a recent one for the Players' Tribune declaring he has no intention to "stick to sports."

    "I haven't really said anything that is off the wall," said Hayes, who met with the Wizards, Grizzlies and Clippers on Thursday and planned to meet with the Magic on Friday. "I've said black people should be treated better, fairly, equal. (College) athletes who make billions of dollars (for a university) should be paid. If you disagree, I think that says more about you than it does about me. I'm standing up for things that are just and the right thing to do."

    Hayes said he understands if he does become an NBA player that image is important and endorsements could be on the line. Some companies may not want to sign him because of potential backlash for his views. Some may ask him to tone it down.

    Hayes said he will continue to share his experiences and speak his mind.

    "It's something all athletes should be able to do," he said. "Some guys choose not to because of money and endorsements. It's a question I was asked (at the combine): 'If something presented itself would I take a stand?' Obviously, I said, 'Yeah, I will. No amount of money should be able to buy your pride as a person, as a black person. I definitely feel it's necessary."

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    MR.CJ wrote: »

    Saw that coming. Best PG in the draft. If he can shoot it consistently from 3 he can challenge for the top spot in the draft.
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    Want the bulls to draft Og Anunoby(duke gonna be a lockdown defender) or Zach Collins if either are still on the board at 16.

    and Hamidou Diallo wit their 2nd round pick.They need athletes this kid athletic af but raw I think he can turn into something.
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    I think Diallo won't last that long. Some team will swing for the fences early due to his physical ability
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    I like diallo athletic ability just needs development/coaching duke had the 2nd highest vert in combine history wit a 6-11 wingspan, need to grab one of them portland 1st round picks & take harkless off their books for them.I'd draft diallo in the 1st if they had two picks not at 16 tho.

    Watch these clowns draft patton from creighton cuz doug mcdermotts father coached him or frank jackson,luke kennard or somethin.Wish I was the gm man
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    Let's get jarret Allen!
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    Yea diallo likely won't be around in the second round. He's got some great tools to work with but still so raw. Practicing against Kentucky last year should have helped in his development. Fox said he was locking cats up. Dude has an unreal wingspan for some one his size. I want him at 25 if he's there if he's gone give me Juwan Evans or Harry Giles
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    Diallo is 19-23 imo
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    Won't be surprised to see Milwaukee take him mid first
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    Beta wrote: »
    Let's get jarret Allen!

    He'll be available when yall pick but that doesnt make since unless you're done with the Whiteside era
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