Who is the Best Player in the NBA?



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    Lebron James
    sports writers and the average joe relate more to lil niggas like steph and drose and iverson. shit i am only 5-7 myself and understand part of the logic. that's why someone like steph can have a hot year and people think he could be the best in the league.

    But when it comes to being the best in the league i will take the height of a 2 guard and or forward who has skills over a steph curry sized nigga despite curry's limitless range.

    you are so limited being 6-3 and shorter in this league no matter how legendary you are.
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    Peace_79 wrote: »

    Y'all still in your feelings. He WAS the best player in the league that year.


    Ain't just me saying it ... the record books and the entire NBA said as much with their votes.

    But IMO he choked in the Finals two years in a row...
    Wasn't the first to do it, won't be the last either.

    But, he gets knocked down a few pegs because of that.

    This nigga mad he can't Dick ride Curry no more lmao

    Aww man.

    So much Anger...

    I'm much more invested in this than you are.
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    Lebron James
    Thought this was a trick question!

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