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The OTTB Wrestling News thread



  • Chi-Town BullyChi-Town Bully Posts: 29,218 ✭✭✭✭✭
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    New Report on the Future of Sin Cara and WWE Concerns

    - Super Luchas is reporting that Mistico has left WWE and Hunico was told he would be working as Sin Cara at the WWE Mexico tapings in October.

    Sources are claiming two different stories. One, that Hunico will play Sin Cara until the original Cara can return and then they will feud. The other is that Mistico is not being brought back after all and Hunico will remain as Sin Cara.

    There are people within WWE, and that work with WWE on promotions, that are waiting for a final word from company officials on the future of the Sin Cara character going forward. They are worried that the new person playing Sin Cara will be pushed and not get over like Mistico. If they merchandise him for big plans down the line, it could turn out that they have backed a dud.

    Within Mexico, people are worried that fans will see the new Sin Cara as a fraud. Many of WWE's licensees saw huge money in Sin Cara merchandise aimed at the Mexican market.
  • Chi-Town BullyChi-Town Bully Posts: 29,218 ✭✭✭✭✭
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    CM Punk Says The Rock's Shtick Is Corny, Discusses Change in WWE & More

    - WWE Champion CM Punk spoke with Mark Madden on his Pittsburgh radio show this past Monday to promote SummerSlam. Punk was asked if he now has creative control in WWE. Punk said he doesn't like that term and said control is bad. He noted that he has input now but added that everyone always has input. Madden asked Punk if things have really change in WWE or if it's just another McMahon being the star of the show.

    "I think things aren't going to change over night," Punk said. "A few little things have already changed. Just the face they're listening to different people is a step in the right direction. It's going to take a while. Obviously I'm one who's an advocate for any kind of change. Getting guys like Zack Ryder on TV is a step in the right direction. He's entertaining, that's the bottom line. Is he going to main event WrestleMania this year? No. Maybe he will in a couple of years, you never know. I'm just happy what little change has been implemented thus far has been implemented."

    Punk says people have been making comparisons to what's happening now and the Attitude Era but added that he isn't trying to fill Steve Austin's shoes. Punk is trying to do something completely different - make it fun again, he said. Punk said he hopes he is making everyone tune in next week to see what's going on because that's his goal.

    Regarding John Cena, Punk acknowledged that he has said some nasty things about his SummerSlam opponent but put him over as someone who loves what he does and a hard worker for WWE. Punk said everything he has said about "Dwayne" is absolutely 100% true.

    "I'm in a position now where I think I can call guys out on it," Punk said about The Rock. "I have no personal problems against Dwayne. It's very frustrating being here and watch a guy come in and get credit for a WrestleMania buyrate when he didn't do anything on the show. He certainly didn't do anything entertaining. There's a line he crossed at some point where I think he is just as out of touch as the Vince McMahons and everybody else. I'm not calling Rock old, he's still obviously a young physical fit guy but his ideas are old and his shtick is corny in my opinion. Hopefully when my ideas are old and my shtick is corny, there's some young punk that's going to call me out on it. Hopefully Dwayne takes it as, "ok when I come here I have to step it up", and hopefully he does."
  • m. infernom. inferno Posts: 1,768 ✭✭✭
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    Woman Accuses WWE Star Heath Slater of Attacking Her

    - Atlanta police are currently investigating a situation after a female security guard assigned to keep fans away from wrestlers at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Atlanta during WrestleMania 27 weekend claims WWE Superstar Heath Slater assaulted her.

    Security guard Corinne Oliver claims Slater thought she was pretty and grabbed her in a chokehold while trying to take her back to his hotel room. Oliver claims she fought to get loose and then later identified Slater as her attacker.

    According to WSB-TV, a WWE spokesperson said that the allegations were against Slater personally and not WWE as a company. WSB-TV notes that a "source in the wrestling world" says Slater denied the incident happened and said he was with his fiancee all week.

    One Man Back Hand lol
  • mikelewismikelewis Posts: 603 ✭✭✭
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    CM Punk Says The Rock's Shtick Is Corny, Discusses Change in WWE & More

    "I'm in a position now where I think I can call guys out on it," Punk said about The Rock. "I have no personal problems against Dwayne. It's very frustrating being here and watch a guy come in and get credit for a WrestleMania buyrate when he didn't do anything on the show. He certainly didn't do anything entertaining. There's a line he crossed at some point where I think he is just as out of touch as the Vince McMahons and everybody else. I'm not calling Rock old, he's still obviously a young physical fit guy but his ideas are old and his shtick is corny in my opinion. Hopefully when my ideas are old and my shtick is corny, there's some young punk that's going to call me out on it. Hopefully Dwayne takes it as, "ok when I come here I have to step it up", and hopefully he does."

    As big of a Rock fan that I am, the fact that Punk said this and meant it in a way to help as opposed to insult is great to me. Who knows the kind of promos the two could cut together, especially if they are shoots.
  • mikelewismikelewis Posts: 603 ✭✭✭
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    The Orlando Sentinel is reporting that Terri Runnels has filed suit on 8/8 against her former lover Jerome "New Jack" Young, accusing him of libel for what she claims are fraudulent accusations against her ranging from her health to her sex life to allegations of drug usage. She is also asking the judge to keep Young from posting sexually explicit pictures of her.

    Read this and was a bit confused as to how a woman can sue a man for making fraudulent accusations of a sex life, yet took sexually explicit photos for the man. Obviously some of his claims are true, though I do agree for the sake of her child that those pictures stay under wraps. However this is New Jack we are speaking of.
  • m. infernom. inferno Posts: 1,768 ✭✭✭
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    Diana Hart Smith, the outspoken mother of recently released WWE talent Harry Smith, continues to lash out at Michael Cole via Twitter after calling the WWE broadcaster effeminate on Monday. She wrote the following messages on the microblogging site on Thursday, including calling creative writer Michael Hayes a transvestite.

    * "Does the reMARKable Michelle Cole have rabbies or perhaps mange. Just wondering because he is such a dog for a diva. That's what he is, right?"

    * "When Michael Hayes wrestled in Germany in late 70s as a transvestite, was his name Suzi Sykes or Suzy Sails? Any1 know?. He was quite the lady."

    * "Michelle Cole=reMARKable 2 staff&Vince 2.? wuld pedigree Harry b w/whores like MC. Recall early days gttng wedgied by HHH/DX & he cried on live TV."

    The former wife of "British Bulldog" Davey Boy Smith also noted during her diatribe that Harry is heading to Japan at the end of the month for the Inoki Genome Federation.
  • m. infernom. inferno Posts: 1,768 ✭✭✭
    edited August 2011
    Harry Smith has apologized for his mother's critical remarks. He says he has no ill will towards Michael Cole nor WWE.

    "In regards to my Mom's twitter remarks about Michael Cole and the WWE, these are only her opinions she's expressing. I hold no ill feelings towards the WWE, and I don't want it to look like I'm influencing these posts in any way shape or form," he wrote on Facebook. "I'm a man of honor and integrity and try to be like my Grandfather Stu Hart. If I have something to say to or about someone I'll say it to their face. I really dislike twitter, so I can't post this myself on there."

    The self-proclaimed "Voice of WWE" did Smith no favors during his lone broadcast booth appearance on an episode of Raw last year as he criticized the third generation wrestler's verbal ability and lack of charisma.
  • m. infernom. inferno Posts: 1,768 ✭✭✭
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    According to Jimmy Yang's Twitter, TNA owes him money.

    He said: "It has been over 6 weeks since i wrestles for tna and i still havent been paid and the check that they sent me 2 weeks ago bounced WTF!!!!!"

    Chris Masters, who was released last Friday from his WWE contract, stated on Twitter that he has a ticket to SummerSlam.

    Masters wrote, "So my former employers in town.and I have a ticket to SS.Hey I am a fan!"

    -- Aaron James, who lost to Brodus Clay on yesterday's episode of WWE Superstars, is Tough Enough contestant A.J. Kirsch.
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    Daniel Bryan vs. Wade Barrett has been added to Summerslam. This will be announced shortly. Here is the updated card for the show…

    * For The Undisputed WWE Title: CM Punk © vs. John Cena © w/Triple H as Special Referee
    * No Holds Barred World Title Match: Christian © vs. Randy Orton
    * WWE Divas Title Match: Kelly Kelly © vs. Beth Phoenix
    * Sheamus vs. Mark Henry
    * Daniel Bryan vs. Wade Barrett

    Here are tonight's confirmed WWE SmackDown! matches:

    * Non-Title Match: Christian © vs. Sheamus
    * Beth Phoenix and Natalya vs. Kaitlyn and A.J.
    * Sin Cara vs. Tyson Kidd
    * Alberto Del Rio vs. Daniel Bryan
    * IC Title Match: Ezekiel Jackson © vs. Cody Rhodes
    * Mark Henry vs. Johnny Curtis
    * The Great Khali vs. Randy Orton
  • m. infernom. inferno Posts: 1,768 ✭✭✭
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    Orlando Jordan appeared on World Wrestling Insanity, which is available at ClubWWI.com. Highlights from his interview are as follows:

    The one man shock-and-awe of TNA, Orlando Jordan turned heads with each move he made. Debuting with an outrageous entrance, OJ seemed destined for spectacular things. However, as time went on, the spectacle died down and the gimmick followed suit. As Jordan explains to James Guttman, the idea was never to be another version of Goldust. There were many plans he had for his character, but sometimes you have to compromise and, as he tells ClubWWI.com members, sometimes too much compromise can knock a solid idea off course...

    "I enjoyed my time there. I was a little bit disappointed with the progression of the character because we started out where I wanted to go - and I laid out how I wanted this character to start and develop - because I believe a character should grow. Every character evolves and I wanted this character to evolve. That was the understanding…When you work for a company, you can't get everything you want. You have to compromise. And I compromised with the character on what they wanted and that was part of the deal. That was a hard thing. That was a challenge. Trying to do what I wanted and trying to give what I wanted the way I knew it could be delivered and then also what the company wanted to present - that was a challenge there. In the end, I was a little bit disappointed in that area and stuff."

    Orlando goes into detail on the character's original intention and how it would have helped shatter stereotypes. He also speaks about the shocking nature of it all, the goal TNA had for it, and why it might have been better suited for WWE. In the end, though, there were no hard feelings and OJ had to do what was right for him, as the ClubWWI.com audio show continues, he tells JG the circumstances surrounding his release...

    "I'm a professional and I'm a performer. So I'm always willing to do something different and that was the attempt. Like I said, you have to compromise and stuff like that. But when you compromise, you start to lose the direction. That's where it headed. Eventually, I had to make decisions and if it wasn't headed in the direction I wanted, I had to make decisions…I know they said I was released, but I had made a series of inquires to TNA about things and - I got released on a Monday - that Friday (before), I had actually called the TNA office and said, "Look. I need something to happen and I'm not happy and I need to be able to do more things." The person I talked to wasn't really in the position, I don't think, to do anything. So I left my piece of mind and then I was granted my release on Monday. So that's what happened. Was I upset? No. Not at all. I was very content with how things went out and we parted on good terms and everything. "

    Although a return to WWE or TNA is always a possibility, don't worry about Orlando Jordan in the meantime. He's keeping busy with his brand new training facility, Wildkats Sports Dojo. With a resume that includes top spots in WWE, TNA, and overseas tours, Jordan knows how to get noticed. Now, he's sharing his secret with wrestling's future stars and giving back to the business he loves. He tells ClubWWI.com listeners all about it and directs them to Twitter.com/Wildkatsports for all the latest info:

    "The new dojo! WildKat Sports Dojo out in New Orleans - particularly Kenner, Louisiana. That is the new training facility that I have opened up along with my partner Luke Hawx, who has been a very successful independent worker in his own right. He's also a stunt actor and done a lot. Probably done just as much and more known in that area than wrestling, which is crazy because he's busted his ass in both. So, we have the Wildkat Sports Dojo in Kenner, Louisiana. And it's going great man. We've only been open for a few months but we have some strong, good looking, talented, hard-working guys. We have about ten students training for professional wrestling. Also, the other thing we're doing in the local area is mixed martial arts, grappling - I have a background in grappling, boxing, bringing specialists from specific martial arts backgrounds by the end of the year. It's good. Going good. I'm excited, man. I live for training. I've done it my whole life."
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  • m. infernom. inferno Posts: 1,768 ✭✭✭
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    As of now, the advertised Dark Main Event for the September 19 RAW in Cleveland, OH will be John Cena va. CM Punk: a champion vs. champion match.
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    ESPN interview with Daniel Bryan

    I can watch the footage of Daniel Bryan choking out ring announcer Justin Roberts with a necktie all day, and the almost cartoon-like reaction on Roberts' face still never gets old. Unfortunately for Bryan (real name Bryan Danielson) and his fans, that move not only cost Bryan his WWE job for a few months, but it also cost video game players the opportunity to play as the submission specialist in "WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2011" as publisher THQ was forced to remove Bryan from the Nexus download pack and replace him with Justin Gabriel.

    But now Bryan is not only back in WWE, he's promising to cash in his Money in the Bank contract at Wrestlemania XXVIII, guaranteeing his spot in a championship match on a card that will also pit current WWE poster boy John Cena against maybe the greatest showman of all time, The Rock.

    Until then, video game fans will finally be able to get their hands on Bryan (at least virtually) as he is set to star in THQ's latest brawler, "WWE 12."

    As for his character in the game, Bryan has only two wishes: "I'm hoping he does a lot of submissions," he says, "and I'm also hoping he can do my run up the turnbuckle back flip."

    If only there was a secret code to choke the ring announcer.

    Jon Robinson: What's it like to be in your first WWE video game?

    Daniel Bryan: I'm really, really excited. I don't play a lot of video games, but I started playing a little more recently because the guys on the road are always bringing their Xboxes with them. And seeing the new WWE video games, man, they're so cool because I haven't played video games since I was a little kid, so when I play "WWE All-Stars" and I see the graphics for all of these characters, it's just unreal. I really can't wait to be in my first video game.

    Jon Robinson: From NXT to the Nexus incident to winning Money in the Bank and now being in a video game, what has this wild ride been like for you the last year and a half or so?

    Daniel Bryan: It's been crazy. I've had a lot of ups and downs. I came to NXT and they called me a rookie and I lost every match. Then we did the first night of Nexus and it went really well but I got let go. Then I got rehired and was in the main event of SummerSlam last year. Then I won the U.S. championship but I wasn't on TV very much, and then I was drafted to Smackdown, and once I got drafted to Smackdown, things have gone really well. Winning Money in the Bank at the last pay-per-view was definitely the highlight of my career.

    Jon Robinson: What's it like to be in a crazy match like that with people getting slammed off of, and even through ladders?

    Daniel Bryan: It's pretty brutal and I was sore for about the next week and a half, but when you're out there, you have so much adrenaline, especially when you have a crowd like that. That Chicago crowd was just amazing the entire night. They were so amped to see John Cena and CM Punk that it just carried over to the rest of the show. And that adrenaline just helps push you through all of those bumps and falls and being hit with ladders and all of that crazy stuff that happens. It doesn't stop the pain completely, but it makes it hurt less.

    Jon Robinson: You were so big in the independent scene before arriving in WWE. How have you had to adjust what you do in the ring?

    Daniel Bryan: Everywhere you go is a different style, but the main thing I need to deal with in WWE is that the matches just aren't nearly as long. There was a month in 2006 where I did four hour-long matches ... that's not going to happen on WWE TV. I've had matches in WWE that were literally 15 to 30 seconds and I've never had that before. So it's just adjusting to the different length of matches, and realistically, the guys in WWE are a lot bigger and a lot stronger than the guys on the independents.

    Jon Robinson: WWE has always been the land of the big men. As someone 5-10 and 192 pounds, how have you been able to find so much success where other guys your size haven't?

    Daniel Bryan: A lot of people my size really emphasize their flying moves, but I try to emphasize my kicks and my submissions because those are two things that I think I do better than anybody. I think that's what is going to take me to the next level: I kick harder than anyone else and my submissions are quicker than anybody else.

    Daniel Bryan hopes his unique moveset will help him reach the top of WWE.
    Jon Robinson: You've also had more entrance themes than anyone I can ever remember in such a short period of time. What's up with all the different music?

    Daniel Bryan: [laughs] When I first came out in NXT, I was coming out to The Miz's music. Then when they brought me back, they had me come out to this really generic rock music. So finally, they asked me what I wanted and I told them I wanted to come out to "Rise of the Valkyries." I thought it would be awesome, but apparently, what I think is awesome is not what everyone else thinks is awesome and they told me, "We really need you to change this music if you want people to like you." So now I just changed my music to something else last week and it debuted on Smackdown.

    Jon Robinson: I actually liked the "Apocalypse Now" music blaring as you headed to the ring.

    Daniel Bryan: Yeah, I really liked it and what I hoped would catch on is that people would sing it as I came out. I thought they'd all go: "Dun-da-da-dun-dun, dun-da-da-dun-dun!" And that actually happened at a few live events where it started to catch on and it was really fun and interactive with the crowd but it just never happened on TV and it never caught on.

    Jon Robinson: Were you always a big wrestling fan growing up? Who were your favorites?

    Daniel Bryan: I was a huge wrestling fan. My favorites were The Ultimate Warrior, Jake "The Snake," and Koko B. Ware. Pretty much, I liked anybody who had a pet. If you had a pet, you were my favorite wrestler that week. Remember when somebody stole Matilda, the British Bulldog's bulldog? I was so heartbroken. I'm a big pet person and animal lover, so I liked all those guys, but Ultimate Warrior was my true favorite.

    Jon Robinson: That's funny, I don't think you could've picked a favorite wrestler who is more different than how you turned out in the ring.

    Daniel Bryan: 1000-percent opposite. [laughs]

    Jon Robinson: You have a feud cooking right now with Wade Barrett from your old NXT and Nexus days. Do you wish you could've been a part of the Nexus longer? It seems like you were poised to lead the group, not Barrett, when the angle first started.

    Daniel Bryan: I don't ever sit at home and say, "Oh man, I wish this would've happened instead of that." Things happen and you have to deal with it. Being let go actually turned out to be a good thing for me. I went back to the independents and drew some WWE fans back to the independents, which is good for the independent scene. Then when I came back, I was able to be on my own, separated from Nexus, which I think in the end, was better for me in some ways. So I think the whole thing was a positive experience.

    Jon Robinson: Do you think from a storyline perspective that original Nexus attack might help set something up between you and John Cena in the future. You did spit in his face and yell in front of the world: "You're not better than me!" Seems like a fun story to revisit one day.

    Daniel Bryan: Yeah, I hope it does. I think it will be cool to revisit that at some point. We can also revisit the fact that we wrestled once in 2003. So while we haven't had a match since 2003, we've had our little run-ins.

    Jon Robinson: What was going through your mind as you were standing over Cena and you just spit on him like that?

    Daniel Bryan: I honestly don't even remember what was going on in my mind. There was so much adrenaline going throughout that whole brawl, and it was so cool and so different that you could actually just see in the people's eyes that they didn't know what the heck was going on.

    Jon Robinson: SummerSlam is this Sunday. What do you think of the CM Punk storyline? Does he speak for a lot of the boys in the back when he's on the mic talking about his frustrations with the business?

    Daniel Bryan: The thing with CM Punk is he just speaks his mind and he doesn't care if anybody in the back agrees with him. He just goes out there and says what he wants to say. And if this match is anything like his Money in the Bank match, the fans are really going to get their money's worth. SummerSlam is just going to be awesome this year.

    Jon Robinson: Are you going to wrestle on the card?

    Daniel Bryan: They haven't announced me on the card but I do have my Money in the Bank briefcase that I can cash in at any time. I said I'm saving it to cash it in at Wrestlemania, but I like to hold it over their heads that I can cash it in at any time I want. So I'll be there, and what I'm hoping for is a match with Wade Barrett.

    Jon Robinson: You mentioned Wrestlemania. Do you have a dream opponent of who you'd like to cash in that Money in the Bank contract with?

    Daniel Bryan: Ideally, I would like Shawn Michaels to comeback and win the belt, then I'd wrestle him at Wrestlemania. But since that's not happening, I'd really like to wrestle Randy Orton for the World Heavyweight Championship. I feel like Randy is the top dog on Smackdown, and even though Christian is the champion right now, I feel like to really prove yourself as a main eventer in Wrestlemania, I need to beat Randy Orton.
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    m. inferno wrote: »

    As of now, the advertised Dark Main Event for the September 19 RAW in Cleveland, OH will be John Cena va. CM Punk: a champion vs. champion match.

    So wtf does that mean?
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    VIBE86 wrote: »
    So wtf does that mean?

    that could mean that the match will end in a schmozz


    WWE puts shit out there like that to throw ppl off
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    Following Friday night's WWE SmackDown!, it looks as if they will do a Sin Cara (Mistico) vs. Sin Cara (Hunico) feud. WWE development talent Hunico played Sin Cara at the latest tapings and the announcers were really hyping it up that it was someone else playing role on Friday night.
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    WWE Hall of Famer Howard Finkel appeared on Right After Wrestling with Arda Ocal and Jimmy Korderas. Highlights from the interview are as follows:

    What was the initial plan for SummerSlam in 1988: "To the best of my recollection, SummerSlam came around 1988 and then the Royal Rumble came in soon after. It was always the second biggest event we were going to produce. The WWE worked on producing pay-per-views from the '80's through the '90's until now. When we first started with WrestleMania, pay-per-view was just at the cusp of its origin. And we needed something else that would whet the appetite of the consumer after WrestleMania and that's where SummerSlam came into play."

    The Fink's favorite SummerSlam moments: "As far as my favorite match at SummerSlam that would have to be SummerSlam '91 where Bret Hart faced Mr. Perfect. Not only was it one of the best matches in SummerSlam history or in Madison Square Garden in NYC, but it was truly one of the greatest matches off all time."

    Being a veteran in WWE, how he feels about the '4th wall' being broken down with this CM Punk angle: "I wasn't initially comfortable with it but it's cutting edge. I had mixed emotions to it. Some people have had their jaws drop over the past previous weeks. So although I had mixed emotions about it, I'm actually digging the hell out of it now!"
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    Chris Masters, David Hart Smith, Joey Mercury, Melina and Vladimir Kozlov have been added to WWE.com's Alumni section. Mercury remains under contract to WWE after disappearing from television last summer as he works as trainer in Florida Championship Wrestling.

    -- WWE is looking at bringing back several names from the past over the next year as a way to bring back some of their fans who stopped watching the product. No returns have been confirmed but the usual speculation is names like Mick Foley, Chris Jericho and Batista. Word is that some familiar mid-card names from the past may be brought back also.
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    Here is the announced roster for WWE '12. There are also more names to come…

    Alberto Del Rio
    Alex Riley
    John Cena
    Kelly Kelly
    Randy Orton
    Rey Mysterio
    The Miz
    Wade Barrett
    Zack Ryder
    CM Punk
    The Rock
    Triple H
    David Otunga
    John Morrison
    Ted Dibiase
    Mark Henry
    William Regal
    Husky Harris
    Daniel Bryan
    Tyson Kidd
    Vladimir Kozlov
    Santino Marella
    Evan Bourne
    Mason Ryan
    M. McGillicutty
    Yoshi Tatsu
    Big Show
    Kofi Kingston
    Jack Swagger
    Cody Rhodes
    Dolph Ziggler
    Chavo Guerrero
    Drew McIntyre
    Ezekial Jackson
    Justin Gabriel
    Heath Slater
    Michelle McCool
    Beth Phoenix
    Arn Anderson
    Ricky Steamboat
    Kevin Nash
    Booker T
    Eddie Guerrero
    Vince McMahon
    Steve Austin
    Sin Cara
    Jerry Lawler
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    In the latest issue of WWE Magazine, World Heavyweight Champion Christian opens up on Edge telling him had to retire, why he doesn't mind being overlooked, how his body is holding up these days, and more.

    Christian recalls his conversation with Edge telling him he would be quitting wrestling.

    "He told me as soon as he got the news," Christian said. "I did what any friend would, and tried to comfort him. It's hard when you're at the level he is and you've done the things he has done, and it's not your choice to walk away. Ultimately, you want to be the one to say, "OK—it's time to hang it up." I think that's what troubled him the most.

    "But I kept positive and told him he did do things on his own terms. His final match was at WrestleMania XXVII in front of 70,000 people. He walked to the ring as the World Champion and walked out as World Champion. I don't think there's a better way he could have ended his story than that."

    WWE Magazine notes that Christian is one of remaining talents from the '90s. He is asked whether he sees himself as a veteran or a rookie.

    "I'm definitely a veteran. No question," he replied. "And it always makes me laugh when the younger guys tell me they remember where they were when I contested a certain match. It makes me feel old, but it's cool to hear that. Honestly, veteran or not, I feel better now than ever. My body's holding up, I feel good physically and mentally. If anything, Edge's departure has inspired me to work harder. It's opened my eyes and made me realize that, hey, this thing could end at any second. Stop wasting time. If you're going to do it, you're going to do it now."

    Christian was also asked about the widespread belief that he doesn't get enough respect for all that he's done for WWE.

    "It's funny, I do think I've been somewhat overlooked, but I've always viewed that as a challenge. Everyone else seems to get more upset about it than I do," Christian said. "I never doubted that my talent would shine through in the end, no matter what. I believe I am one of the best and I work to prove that every night I go out there. The question has always been, "Will my time ever come?" It's always been, "When will it come?"

    "Edge moved on and won many titles, but you can't compare us. We are two different people with two different paths. I never asked why I didn't get what he did; I looked at it as, "What can I do to step up and make myself better?" And every night, I go out into the arena thinking, "Tonight, they're going to know how good I am."
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    Ultimate Warrior's Facebook rant in which he called Hulk Hogan a "Vagina Man" and blasted the wrestling legend's daughter Brooke for posing nude for PETA has been removed by the social media empire. The master of the Gorilla Press Slam believes his arch-nemesis cried to Facebook execs to have the dismissive post removed.

    Warrior wrote this morning on Twitter, "Terry ran to Facebook Corporate and cried about my "Hey, Terry. Be you, man." note. They removed it. Jesus, Terry, if you are that sensitive and emotional, use some of the exorbitant budget you spend on Viagra and go buy some real gas. Fuck, soon you'll been wearing a dress on TNA for a gimmick."

    Hogan, in response, said on Twitter he had no idea Warrior "made another video" and that fans probably reported it. Facebook allows users to report abuse—hate speech, threats, graphic violence and bullying are prohibited on the social networking site.

    Hogan also added that he's "praying for Jim."

    Warrior has since re-posted the rant on Twitter, which can be accessed at http://www.twitlonger.com/show/cc9pov He also snidely responded to a user remarking that "at least Hogan is on TV."

    "Yeah, killing the business and opportunities for young guys to have a shot at their OWN stardom," Warrior replied. "Super."
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    Former ECW star Axl Rotten stated on Twitter that if he doesn't come up with $5,000 by the end of the month, he will be evicted from his home. He was asking for PayPal donations. The message, however, has since been deleted.
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    The latest issue of WWE Magazine has a feature on the breakout stars to watch this fall. Those profiled are Justin Gabriel, Johnny Curtis, Jinder Mahal, Zack Ryder, A.J. and Kaitlyn, with all six explaining in their own words why they're WWE's next breakout star.

    A.J. stated, "I'm trying to redefine the word 'Diva.' Divas don't have to be super-girly, ultra-feminine Barbie dolls—there's room in WWE for girl-next-door types. I see myself as the ultimate underdog, and a lot of people can relate to that. Not everyone is super-jacked and strong and the superwoman type. Some of us just have to fight. I'm just like every little kid out there. What I bring is a lifetime of watching and enjoying WWE—I'm kind of like a fan who snuck her way in. I'm sort of proud of that.

    "I might come off as this bubbly person, but that's because I come from a rough past. Before I even started in WWE, I was living in a car. I wasn't scouted for WWE. I paid my dues, and literally starved for two months making ends meet. Beth [Phoenix] was at my tryout and gave me a special, awesome pep talk, saying, 'Yeah, you can do this.' Then I got signed."
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    Hogan & Russo Engage In Heated Argument, Wrestlers Upset With Bischoff

    TNA Wrestling head writer Vince Russo and Hulk Hogan engaged in a heated argument last Sunday at Hardcore Justice regarding the finish to the World Heavyweight Championship Match between Sting and Kurt Angle. Hogan later grumbled to colleagues that Russo doesn't know anything because he was never a wrestler.

    The two former World Heavyweight Champions made up at the following day's Impact Wrestling tapings. There was, however, noticeable tension among the organization's high ranking officials in the days that followed. Several employees feel it did more damage to a locker room already low in morale.

    There has also been internal complaints regarding Eric Bischoff as many wrestlers feel he's arrogant and snobbish. His criticisms over in-ring performances fall on deaf ears because some wrestlers don't respect his opinion regarding their craft. An Eight-Man X Division Gauntlet Match that was originally taped on Tuesday was re-shot the following day because Bischoff didn't like it.
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    Gail Kim, who remains under contract to WWE after requesting her release from the organization two weeks, provided an update Sunday on her status.

    "For everyone asking, once again I'm still on a mini-vacation (meaning don't work for the I-won't-acknowledge-there's-any-competition), but have some upcoming appearances and have a few projects on the table," Kim wrote on Twitter.

    "So like I said before, this won't be the last you see of me. Just be patient. You'll be seeing a lot of me in this next coming year...

    "It's great that everyone is hopeful but I'm nonofficially/officially done. I'm ready to make things happen for myself instead of leaving it into someone else's hands. Especially into the hands of a person who didn't believe in me.

    "Why should I waste more of my time when I believe in myself? I'm ready to accomplish things for myself and not for a boss I have no respect for."
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