What you want?

BigBallsNoWorriesBigBallsNoWorries Posts: 4,834 ✭✭✭✭✭
I never would have fathom, having all these things, succeeding in acquiring this materialism,
but life is not what it seems, niggas dream about what I've done,
Conversation how to get it, but hardly ever fucked with them for I've already did it,
On to the nxt, is the mindset, more sex, more money, thinking it's the solution
but it's funny why I feel empty, my wants still tempt me,
overshadowing my needs, but this is how I was raised,
my ego needs to feed, am I trapped in the cycle?,
I just wanna ball like Michael, wanna blow stacks like Money May,
A new whip every day, switch up cars like it's a crisis,
told that I'm the nicest, all gold everything, just like that nigga Midas,
but is this the life I need?
It seems like a gift, a nigga keeps cursing,
just to have it, play these hoes like a game of checkers,
the life of a savage, the experiences that I've seen, niggas could only dream,
I'm forever in a quest, to achieve the concept of CREAM,
though im a materialistic nigga, I know this life is a facade, an illusion to the truth,
that I know is God


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