real talk if you buy Brawny paper towels you a ghey ass neegha



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    Lol I was in store and saw the 8 pack of brawny and started busted up laughing

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    So apparently, Brawny found this thread roasting their gay packaging, and made some changes


    A noble step, but I still dont think I'll be purchasing them. That Strength has no Gender' shit reeks of tranny/shim talk

    Lmaoooooooo @ turning a female on the brawny rapper into something about shemales
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    how you gonna call yourself a hetero if you have this nigga smiling at you whenever you reach in the cabinet to clean up a spill.

    if you have Brawny in your kitchen use it to wipe the lipstick off your fatherless face and then go swan dive into a volcano

    you keep the packaging on your paper towels?

    bet you the type of nigga to put plastic over his couch

    You the type of nigga to stockpile toilet roll in a cupboard somewhere I can tell like 30 rolls but you still buy some each time you go shoppin'

    Nigga have ever looked in yo mama or grandma cupboard?? I go to my parents house for toilet paper, paper towel, and sugar. Old heads stay with that stockpile.

    Yoooo if this ain't the truth. My dad keeps at least 15 rolls of toilet paper and five pounds of sugar on deck at all times.
  • matches malonematches malone These neeghas have no respect for me. Posts: 2,402 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Real shit. Studies show that men who buy brawny paper towels are 70% more likely to sit down when they pee and 77% more likely to own a dildo. It's been documented that Bruce Jenner used Bounty paper towels during his gold medal run in the olympics until recently when he switched to Brawny and started wearing dresses.

    gah damn. cant argue with science.
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