Half on the bills or It's all on him....



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    @2stepz_ahead What's funny about that? I'm lost.
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    it wasn't haha laugh. .it was aha....like get an idea...ahhaaaA
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    fuuuck that we splitting them some way. may not be 50/50 but she gotta chip in. also im stashing money away that she doesnt know about
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    You in a committed relationship
    Y'all decide to move in together
    Y'all goin Dutch on the bills or should the man take care of all that?
    Men, women, wassup?

    As of right now because of the circumstances I'm the one in charge of everything. Got a one year old baby so I prefer she stay at home as much as possible(hate the thought of anyone in charge of taking care of my child) but I know that's only temporary I can agree with @DWO to a certain extent... My wife is starting to want to contribute and am ok with it shit am happy but I will still rather be on top of all the bills as much as I can I'm old school too. The extra money she bringing in can be for all of us whatever activity and baby expenses. Also whatever free money I got (and I usually do) I like to see my child has all the necessary and my wife is taken care of with decent approach to that. And is a country for two as she told me the other day and she really feels needed I guess plus I know being home all the time gotta be overwhelming for her so I can work with that I comprehend her.
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    Nah....not in 2016. She better go get some food stamps or something.
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    I pay more stuff as I earn way more , but she gets groceries and small bills. She doing her masters and helps out with my son so am not fussed about money from her.This also works out well for me with taxes n stuff.

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    You in a committed relationship
    Y'all decide to move in together
    Y'all goin Dutch on the bills or should the man take care of all that?
    Men, women, wassup?

    Half half would be fair in my opinion; we both using water, lights, gas, heat/ac, ect.

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    I feel like it's only right to go half and half. I would feel like a mooch if he was paying for everything.
  • Well me I think that a man should take care of the bills while I take care of ours kids. And I would help were its needed.
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    If kids are involved and you're a family unit then it only makes sense to take care of that family. A woman working part time hours and having to pay for good daycare ends up coming out to about even, especially if you have more than 1 kid together. I've also seen that "take care of the kids" turns into take care of them until the man gets home and then factor in how many hours kids spend in school after 3 years old, what are stay at home moms really doing?

    If there aren't kids involved then tf are you doing with a freeloading, lazy woman? Bring up your expectations a bit.
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