Let the countdown to prison time begin: Offset from Migos caught on camera beating a fool up

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Edit: This thread really doesn't have shit to do with Offset. More than likely, you were drawn here because you heard that @5 grand said some wild homo shit and you're wondering what that has to do with the Migos.

Absolutely nothing. This motherfucker went on an unending, indestructible T-1000 pursuit of all things suspect, in an umprompted and open manner.

What the fuck made 5grand start talking about male rape? The world may never know. This thread should be experienced organically, but for those who want a summary I have included one below:

This started when I created a thread about Offset and his boys jumping some dude. Offset is on probation so this is a bad look. Thread stays on topic for one page.

@5 grand comes out of parts unknown Bermuda Triangle land of Oz left field and says that only faggots kick people when they are down. This is because, according to 5grand, there is a move you can do while on the ground that will knock someone unconscious, allowing a person to...

fuck someone in the ass. In 5Grands opinion, if you know this (which for some horribly unknown reason 5grand thinks Offset does) unless you want to get fucked in the ass you won't kick a downed person.


He's spent the follwing 8 pages trying to school us, in his long winded, authoritarian manner, about some secret style of fighting that not only faggots, but also pimps use to rape people. These pimps and faggots use drugs to aid their rape efforts, being so adept at drugging and raping people that they can do so without your knowledge multiple times.

How does he know? Because he's had his manhood stolen in such a manner before. But don't worry folks, he's castrated the offending pimp or faggot, which also clears him of gayness. He's also offered some hilarious fighting tips for when you think a rape scenario is at hand.

Everything that's not 5grand persistently discussing asshole assault is us as a community reacting in shock or trying to make sense of this calamity. Most importantly, I wonder...

How the FUCK did he keep all this crazy shit in for so long?

Dont blink folks
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