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The IC Bad Spelling Hall Of Shame

Nah SonNah Son Habitual Line StepperPosts: 9,313 ✭✭✭✭✭
edited November 5 in The Reason
From now on, feel free to post every hilarious/stupid/shameful spelling mistake made in Reason threads in here

I'm proud to headline the #HOS '16 class
Nah Son wrote: »
The way he performs makes him look seriously retarted
AggyAF wrote: »
Nah Son wrote: »
The way he performs makes him look seriously retarted

Word my nigga?

This one is classic:
That song is rly good but it really get me when his sons call his father "Schitzo" on the track.. Lmao I changed song emediltly. Wtf?

I'm not even mad at this one cause it does sound like a word. But it isnt
What's even more halirious is the story behind when he tried to come to San Fran woofing that shit and barely made it up outta there.

Mixing up "rapping" with "raping" is a repeat offense on the Reason. Shockingly this doesnt only happen in 5Grand posts on some rap or get raped shit
270crownst wrote: »
How u raping on ye's joint...and say shit dumb shit like....I'm doing something in atlanta....
_Goldie_ wrote: »
Lauryn hill unplugged

That's not a rap album.

She most def is raping her ass off in songs on some next level shit
Is he playing on this or is he actually like raping for real?
One of the best hip hop tracks ever made, Nas was raping like no other and Premo made one of his greatest beats, a true masterpiece.

We gotta do better
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