NBA 2K17 Features League Expansion



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    Too much drake
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    Shit look oD trash
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    NBA 2K17 Euroleague Teams Revealed


    Eurohoops has revealed the NBA 2K17 Euroleague teams this year, featuring 21 of Europe’s top teams, and for the first time, it includes all 16 competing Turkish Airlines EuroLeague teams from the upcoming season. Also, according to Eurohoops, the five additional teams come from the 7DAYS EuroCup.

    No word yet on whether or not the Euroleague will be available in any other modes.

    Check out the teams below.

    ALBA Berlin
    Anadolu Efes Istanbul
    Brose Bamberg
    Crvena Zvezda mts Belgrade
    CSKA Moscow
    Darussafaka Dogus Istanbul
    EA7 Emporio Armani Milan
    FC Barcelona Lassa
    FC Bayern Munich
    Fenerbahce Istanbul
    Galatasaray Odeabank Istanbul
    Laboral Kutxa Vitoria Gasteiz
    Maccabi FOX Tel Aviv
    Olympiacos Piraeus
    Panathinaikos Superfoods Athens
    Ratiopharm Ulm
    Real Madrid
    Unicaja Malaga
    Unics Kazan
    Valencia Basket
    Zalgiris Kaunas
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    perhaps, but they could've still let the mod community do this.

    and im only asking this as i dont have any knowledge about the mode, but are the players the real people? facial likenessess and all?
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    I don't recall it even being a Euro league mode I think the teams were available for free play and import into season mode

    They should bring in the Olympics/fiba for my career to get something out of even putting them teams in the games
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    2k being whole hoes about the ga me play niggas got exactly a month b4 release
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    It comes out tomorrow gameplay
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    It comes out tomorrow gameplay

    From people who suck at the game from a shity patato phone I want some shit to read
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    NBA 2K17 Features Revamped Rebounding, Fatigue, & Steal Systems (IGN)

    2K Sports’ Gamescom presentation started with a focus on basketball in Europe. They quickly recapped how Spain’s towering power foward/center Pau Gasol and Italy’s talented small forward Danilo Gallinari will appear as cover athletes of NBA 2K17 in certain regions. And for the first time, the Euro League would have 21 up-to-date teams in the game. “In the past, we’ve been a year behind,” Blumberg said, “just because European teams are selected late in the summer and it didn’t work for our timelines.” Since the Euro league adopted a new format this year, it allowed 2K to identify teams much earlier and get them into the new game.

    But the big announcement for basketball fans around the world is the inclusion of the legendary 1992 USA Dream Team, which is playable for the first time since 2K13. It's a pre-order bonus (but it can also be purchased separately in regular editions), but regardless of how you feel about pre-sale content it's hard not to get excited for the most celebrated talent in the history of the sport, with headliners like Michael Jordan, Sir Charles Barkely, and Larry Bird in one unforgettable lineup. Blumberg said the current US Olympic Dream Team team is also available along with celebrated college basketball coach of the Duke Blue Devils Mike “Coach K” Krzyzewski, who’s pulling double duty for his first 2K appearance: he will be the sideline coach for the current team, and the voice of the tutorial mode, called 2KU.

    2K ended its presentation with a demo showcasing one quarter of NBA 2K17 gameplay, and the improved lighting and graphics immediately stood out. Blumberg told us that the development team worked on revamping the lighting to make it custom for each basketball arena, so diehard fans will notice how the bright lights of the Cleveland Cavalier’s Quicken Loans Arena differ compared the focused lighting of the Staples Center, home of the Los Angeles Lakers. It’s just another example of NBA 2K’s dedication to capturing the look and feel of a live TV broadcast. The glassy look on the players faces is still here but, outside of the occasional weird closeups, it all looks and sounds incredibly authentic.

    Blumberg gave us a quick update on some gameplay changes. The development team wanted to put more control in the hands of the user and rely less on probability from stats. They also revamped the fatigue system. In previous 2K games, you could play your starting roster for the majority of the game and play for 48 minutes straight without it affecting your players. Now, your digital athletes will start missing shots, be slower to react, and more susceptible to injuries if you keep them in too long. Ultimately, you’ll have to get your bench players into the game and rest the starters if you want to win simulation games.

    Visual Concepts has also done some work on the rebound system to make it closer to real life basketball. “Last year, pretty much every rebound was caught cleanly by a defender,” Blumberg said. “That doesn’t happen in basketball all the time. There’s a lot of fighting for the ball, it gets tipped around, and it’s a physical part of the game.” He told us that players will see the ball get tipped around more as players crash the backboards. You can tap the ball over to a teammate if you’re unable to pull bound a rebound yourself. We even saw an offensive player catch the ball and take a shot in mid-air. Blumberg said stealing the ball also had a significant revamp, so it’s not abused as much as it was last year’s games.

    NBA 2K17 is looking sharp and it follows a consistent string of great basketball games by the team at Visual Concepts. In chasing the dream of the most authentic basketball game in town, NBA 2K has tinkered away at each new installment and the effort shows. Blumberg said there are still a few more announcements left, so look forward to more NBA 2K-related announcements in the future.
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    Those gotta be PC screenshots.
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