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    G Hugh Thornton has announced his retirement from the NFL. He isnt 100 percent yet.

    I think he knew, with the new draft pick, he might not make the team. Kind of like the washed former Saints receiver that reired on us last offseason.

    That leaves Garland, Wes, and the rookie to battle for the RG spot.
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    Yea I dont think he had a realistic shot at winning the starting job anyway.

    Im looking forward to camp this year. Gotta make it up there.
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    Be on the lookout for Chris Odem from Arkansas State. He has the measurables to play the LEO position. Quinn loves pass-rushers. Never can have enough.
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    So Ray Buchanon Jr is going to the Falcons rookie Mini-Camp? I heard he was invited but couldnt find any info anywhere on it. I like the Reggie Davis and Darius English invite. Also like the Jermaine Grace invite too, I read somewhere that he was good at Miami before he got kicked off the team..
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    Next season's unrestricted free agents

    Dontari Poe
    Adrian Clayborn
    Matt Bryant
    Taylor Gabriel
    Kemal Ishmael
    Andre Roberts
    Ra'Shede Hageman
    Courtney Upshaw
    Trevor Robinson
    Blidi Wreh-Wilson
    Ben Garland
    Derrick Coleman
    Devonta Freeman
    Nick Williams
    B.J. Daniels

    Poe, Ishmael, Garland, Freeman....besides those 4, I wouldn't be surprised if everyone else is gone, including Gabriel.
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    De’Vondre Campbell expected to make full-time switch to strong-side linebacker

    With Duke Riley joining the team, it was logical to wonder what might happen to De’Vondre Campbell, who manned the weak side quite a bit last year. Now the possibility of a move to the strong side has turned from idle chatter to the expected outcome, with Vaughn McClure becoming the latest (and perhaps most reliable source) to note that Campbell will likely make the move.

    This is good news for both the Falcons and Campbell, and in many ways the expected outcome. Last year’s fourth rounder was never in real danger of being benched, not after an impressive rookie season that saw him draw a significant number of starts and play both above his draft slot and expectations. At the same time, Riley just makes logical sense as the weak side starter in the next season or two, which meant that Campbell was not going to continue there forever.

    What does this mean for Campbell? For starters, he’ll be asked to cover tight ends more frequently, and he’ll be seeing more tight ends coming at him as blockers on running plays. While Riley will be able to use his unreal speed from the weak side, Campbell should be exposed to more contact and more opportunities to hit. Given that he’s easily the biggest and arguably the most physical linebacker Atlanta has, he’ll probably relish that opportunity. His coverage ability was not awful in 2016, but it’s going to need to improve as he takes on this role. Aside from the predictable struggles that second year players face, though, I don’t see any particular reason he can’t take the job and run with it.

    If Campbell can thrive in this role and Riley comes on quickly, the Falcons could have one of the youngest, deadliest trios of starting linebackers in the entire NFL. If the defense is going to take the major step forward that we’ve all been salivating for, Campbell’s going to play a major role in that by necessity.
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    I fucks with it

    Duke, Deebo, DeVondre and Vic is the LBs

    Poe, Grady and Takk is the D-Line

    Tru, Rob, Collins, Neal and Allen is the DBs

    All youth, all got juice. Nobody over 28 years old.

    Reed, Ishmael, Poole, Clayborn, Crawford, Hageman and Shelby is all depth that can be starters elsewhere.
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    One thing I like about TD, he knows how to manage the money. 3, maybe 4 starters from this draft.

    By: Scott Carasik | May 18, 2017 8:00 am

    The Atlanta Falcons have signed all of their rookies and are currently $6.5 million under the cap until June 2. The Falcons will receive another $1.6 million in cap relief once Tyson Jackson’s contract triggers the June 2 rule, pushing that dead money against the 2018 cap.

    That will bring the total cap space to $8.1 million heading into the final weeks before training camp.

    The rookies signed contracts for their slots with very little deviation from the normal for their respective draft positions. Here’s a look at each of them:

    Takk McKinley: 4 years, $10.22 million

    Duke Riley: 4 years, $3.52 million

    Sean Harlow: 4 years, $2.95 million

    Damontae Kazee: 4 years, $2.69 million

    Brian Hill: 4 years, $2.67 million

    Eric Saubert: 4 years, $2.63 million

    The nice thing about rookie contracts is how affordable they are. The Falcons have space to work with if they want to bring in another player and are reasonably well setup for the future, but there are a couple of situations that have to be addressed.

    The first is running back Devonta Freeman and his looming extension. He’s priority No. 1 to get a long-term deal heading into 2017. He should see a contract that’s around five years and worth some $40 million when all is said and done. After Freeman, Atlanta must look into the contracts that have to be covered following the 2017 season.

    Guys like Matt Ryan, Jake Matthews, Dontari Poe, Ra’Shede Hageman, Matt Bryant, and Taylor Gabriel will be at the top of the list of people to take care of following the season. And there’s potentially another couple of players worth second contracts if Jalen Collins, Tevin Coleman and Grady Jarrett can continue to build off of their sophomore level of success.
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    I can dig it.....

    Didnt think we had that much space after the rookie contracts. I honestly thought we were around 2 million. I was thinking the Falcons would extend Ryan first before paying Freeman. Would have allowed us to lower Ryans cap hit initially and maybe pay Freeman more in the first year of his new contract, that way the other years on the contract would have been more reasonable.

    I was just telling my homeboy this weekend Freeman was probably looking at a contract around 5 years $35-40 million. I hope they can sign him for something closer to about 6 million a year, anything north of 8 is too much IMO. Especially with him not having to carry the load. He keeps saying he wants elite back money, that would put him around 8 million or more a year. Hopefully they can get something done though.
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    They'll probably restructure/extend Matt's contract, so it can be cap friendly, at the end of the season. Then extend Freeman(he'll end up with 40 mill but that 1st year wont be but 4 or 5 mill). Julio and Beasley need extensions as well. Mathews wont be too expensive. I think we'll draft a NT early to replace Poe.
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