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When at sporting events, do/will u stand or sit for their anthem?

TrillfateTrillfate "i used to like the Ride more now i like the Race...i used like the Prize more now i like the Chase"Posts: 24,007 ✭✭✭✭✭
edited September 2016 in From the Cheap Seats

I've never been patriotic but I would always stand like everybody else when asked to..

Given current events I will never eva.. eva eva eva.. eva stand for their anthem again.. how about you?

Be honest......

When at sporting events, do/will u stand or sit for their anthem? 32 votes

I do/will stand
killapd.greenStewCapitalBKing of GAHevalisk 6 votes
I do/will sit
buttuh_bdontdiedontkillanyondamnkptoheeb27the ghostrickmogulJusDre313themadlionsfandnyce215GhostdenithegawdSerious Juice MayneSo ILLFlyFreeCtNothingButTheTruthTheBoyRoYoung_ChitlinI Self Lord & MastersilverfoxxTrillfateInglewood_B 26 votes


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