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Echo - using copies of the player to create and shape the enemy

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Sci-fi adventure game Echo uses copies of the player to create and shape the enemy

By Tony Polanco
Sep. 1, 2016 7:28 am @Romudeth


These days, it is very hard to find games that are unique. More and more, it feels like there is less innovation as developers put out an endless parade of open world sandbox games or co-op zombie shooters. When something truly unique comes along, it is like a breath of fresh air. This is certainly the case with a newly announced sci-fi title called Echo, which features a rather interesting mechanic at its core.

In Echo, players will have to be conscious of their actions. Why? Because the futuristic palace that the game takes place in creates exact copies of the player that mimic them in every way. If a player runs a lot, the echoes will become faster. If they rely on using guns, so will the echoes. Sneak around? The echoes become stealthier.

The Palace needs to reboot itself every few minutes so that it can upload the latest player behavior. During this blackout period, you are not being monitored and can thus act in any way you wish without the palace recording your actions. You only face echoes that behave like you did in the previous blackout cycle. Because of that, you can shape how the game will play out throughout each cycle. Do you face sneaky foes or more violent ones? It’s totally up to you.

Echo certainly has an interesting premise behind it, but there is little room for error. Either this will be brilliant or a complete disaster. Since the game is from a new studio, it is hard to say whether or not they can pull off something this ambitious. We’ll see for ourselves when Echo is released sometime in 2017. Right now, it is only slated for PC, though it is reasonable to assume that console versions will appear.

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