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The Best Car You Have Ever Owned and Why?

skpjr78skpjr78 Posts: 6,992 ✭✭✭✭✭
edited September 2016 in Let Me Ride
1993 Grand Cherokee Laredo hands down is the best vehicle I've ever owned. I bought the car used from one of my coworkers in 2004. I had been it before and knew that it was in good shape. It was clean, nice interior, ran nice, had a tv which was some baller back in '04, big, comfortable and affordable.

The car had about 115k miles when I bought it and the dude initially wanted $2500 for it. The guy was a friend of mine and I did like the truck so I worked out a deal with him. We agreed to take it to my mechanic and have the car looked at from top to bottom. If it was in good shape I would buy it. If it wasn't I would split the cost of the diagnostic with him. The car checked out. The only thing wrong with it was that the rear drum brakes had to be be rebuilt and it would cost $500. I put $2000 cash in his hands and told him to take it or leave it. He took it. Dude was cool so he told me that he recently had the transmission serviced and to keep an eye on it. It also came with 4 brand new BF Goodrich tires on it. I was hoping to get 2 maybe 3 years out of it. I drove it everyday for 7. A year and a half after buying it I had to replace the transmission. I wasn't mad b/c dude told me about it and b/c the truck was paid in full. Buying a new transmission is still cheaper than buying a new car.

The truck came with a 4.0L inline 6 cylinder engine which was easy as fuck to work on and is still one of the most reliable engines you'll ever find. Outside of the transmission I did most of the maintenance on my own. Changed the fuel pump, power steering reservoir and hose, tune up and oil changes. I also installed my own stereo/dvd player and had an illuminated dash.

I think the reason I love this car so much is b/c what was going on in my life at that time. I had been out of college for a few years and was trying to get on my feet. I had a little job that wasn't paying shit and I was trying to maintain and find a way forward. I was driving my moms old car and that shit had clunked out. I was stranded, fucked up and was desperately trying to make it. I was actually talking to my boss about getting a day off work so I could go to a once a month car auction to get some shit for the low. I told her that I didn't have any transportation to get work anymore and that if I wasn't able to get this particular day off and get a ride that I would have to quit. Shit was getting really sticky and I was about quit right there on the spot. I didn't have any other options at that time. They were going to fire me anyway if I didn't have a way to work. Dude I bought the car from just happened to sitting next to my boss and heard our conversation. He jumped in the conversation and offered to sell me his truck. I went from being fucked up, with no car, no way to work, bumming rides and making plans to go to a once a month auto auction to riding good overnight. I still remember the day I bought that shit. I was all over the city just riding. Juvie The Great had just came out and I had Bounce Back on repeat all day long. To this day that is my anthem whenever shit gets bad and I have to grind my way through. Long story short I got back on my feet and it's been on ever since then.

It broke my heart to sell my truck. I bought a new Jeep in 2011 and took a job out of state. The Cherokee needed some work and I didn't have the time to deal with and it wasnt worth taking out of state. I left it at my parents house for a while but my dad ended up selling it for me a few years later. I love the new Commander and the new bike but I still miss the old Cherokee. Best car ever.


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