Motorcycle Tires

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Anybody have any info on bike tires? I need a rear. I got 4k miles out of a Bridgestone Battlax that came stock on my CBR 1000RR. It's a sport bike with ridiculous torque but I dont ride it extremely hard. I've been up to the mountains but the rest of my miles have been on the highway. Im not a stunter or a racer even though I frequently open it up on I-20. Im trying to determine which tires to get. The Battlax is a hyper sport tire and it sticks pretty good. They are great for speed and performance but they dont last very long. Im not a track guy so I dont see the need for them. Im thinking of going with the sports touring line. Anybody ever run those on a sport bike? If so how did it work? Where can I get a good price on tires?
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