MMA UFC TAPOUT Fighting in Gen... yup. Imma do it.

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Im going Monday to join the closest MMA gym. I'm starting with cardio circuit training and fitnessboxing (non-sparring) This Gym has no female competitors and I have already sent them an email expressing ultimately I want to become their female asset. Lol...

My name's Mizury and I'm extremely interested in learning as much as possible about MMA and want to begin training....
I've been interested in fighting and self defense since I was little and have never had the opportunity to get involved.
I'm in pretty decent shape. And definitely want to take the cardio circuit and boxing for fitness classes to start with, then possibly start sparring. Ultimately I'd like to try my hand at fighting. I just have to prove to myself I'm not only doing it to get my ass kicked. Lol
I'm 99% sure if I give myself the opportunity to train properly, I would make one helluva fighter.
I noticed (according to the website) you don't have any female competitors, so I could be an asset, I'm a hard worker and have a completely clean record. There's really Nothing holding me back.
I'm coming in Monday to check out the gym and start membership. Is there any specific time that would be best to come by?

Any tips, advice, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.....
Let's just keep the suggestions positive please.


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