Moonlight 01.13.17 (starring Mahershala Ali,Naomi Harris and Janelle Monáe )



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    Black Excellence
    Muslim Excellence

    better make him John Stewart in a new Green Lantern movie


    I had no fucking idea that this dude was Prince Ali from Heiroglyphics! I had heard verses from him, but never saw a pic! Amazing what this guy has done!

    wait what??
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    I thought it was a good movie but kinda surprised that it won as many awards as it did.
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    So was it really that good? Might watch it with some biddy who's been yapping about it tonight.

    Everybody has their own opinion. I didn't like it at all. You might think its great.

    it was mediocre. the settings was wrong. the movie says its about the writers childhood in 80's Miami but it looked like 2007 Miami. it was chronologically wrong. it was alright when he was a kid but when he was a teenager they replaced the kids with new York actors. of course I fast forwarded the brokeback scene and I had to fast forward the restaurant scene when he was having that heart to heart with this homeboy over Cuban cuisine. then in the final scene when he told him no man ever touched him but you and put his head on his shoulder;like a chick that made my stomach turn.
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    Thought it was meh. Didn't see what all the hype and acclaim was about. That nigga Kevin was the poster child of HIV transmission
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