Three New Dave Chappelle Comedy Specials Coming to Netflix (3/21)



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    AZTG wrote: »
    This the shit I hate about everything. Ima rant on it here. Fuck it.

    "It was good but it wasnt as good as his old shit"

    Like yo, not everything someone releases has to be better then his old shit to be good.

    Life is good isnt as good as It was written but it was still a really good album.

    Same shit here. These shits was funny as fuck. Why compare them to other shits?

    bruh stop this..

    EVERYONE compares and's a natural's not to diss it's something we all do...
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    Finally got around to watching these...the austin show was everything

    watch that one and watch the Bill Burr "you are all the same people" joint right after that...tears upon tears
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    That new Jo Koy one was cool too
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    That new Jo Koy one was cool too

    I fell asleep on it (weed-induced coma, mind you). I was laughing up til that point though.
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    Saw both..liked first one better. Wouldn't say it's tear in eyes funny
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    when I s the third one gonna drop?
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