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Google Fi project

caddo mancaddo man Failure is success in progress!Posts: 22,318 ✭✭✭✭✭
I am about to switch to Google fi. I have T-mobile and I had Sprint. both are shitty coverage but not bad enough for me to switch over to pay 40 extra dollars a month for Verizon or AT&T.

Phi uses both T-mobile and Sprint with some wifi coverage thing. So I am going to switch over. My wife is not feeling it but is willing to do it.

Anyone on fi now and can give some insight on coverage? Thiking about switching before the new year but I am waiting on the new unlocked Pixels to get some kind of sale.
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  • AP21AP21 Posts: 17,487 ✭✭✭✭✭
    bastard...i was gon start this thread lol

    but i've had it for a month

    takes some getting used to

    Setup was practically flawless. I had a minor hiccup with trying to convert my ATT number, but nothing major. But the online help/chat was awesome. They were very patient and understanding.

    but coming from ATT, call quality was on par

    by that, i mean, areas, even with ATT where i had spotty coverage (read extremely rural areas) i experienced the same issues with Fi. So that says more about the area vs the coverage quality

    Wifi calling takes some getting used to as well as if im on my job/home wifi, there seems to be no consistent way to make or receive calls. Not saying its not possible, I just havent figured out how to. With that said, when i get a call, and its using the wifi, it might beep for a sec or two before the call picks up.

    Data wise, i tried to be cheap and start out with 2gb. I was doing good until i went out of town and there was NO wifi where i stayed so, had to go over on the data. With a constant wifi connection, i might avg 2gb of usage a month. So, first month, i went over, but i went ahead and just upped it to 3gb. Gon try that for a couple of months and see how that works with trying to get some money credited back for unused data.

    I highly recommend d/l the app "signal spy" so that you can see what tower you are using. IIRC, you can actually tell your phone via the app, which tower to use at all times.

    Im no expert, but let me know if you have any questions to things i havent covered.
    caddo man
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