Ice Cube Is Launching A 3-on-3 Basketball League For Ex-NBA Players



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    twizza 77 wrote: »
    Has to be shown live. And needs better camera angles.

    My biggest gripe.

    Half the time it looked my man was taping with a samsung tablet
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    So bull shyt I gotta wait till tomorrow to catch after I already know the results from the day b4... I still enjoyed it somewhat last week but with Summerleague in effect that kills big3 for real hoop heads a lil bit
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    sobek wrote: »
    Just went on the website and saw Jerome Williams lookin like a combo of Jimmie Walker and John Witherspoon...


    I swear I seen this nigga in interviews way more than his time on the court.

    He used to be on shit all the time like he was that nigga. I ain't mad at it but I don't remember him doing anything.
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    No, the quality of basketball isn’t astounding. And two players — Jason Williams and Corey Maggette — already have been lost for the season because of injuries suffered in the first event.

    In Charlotte, Iverson sank his second attempt, an open jumper. But a couple plays later, he actually blew by defenders for a wide-open layup … and missed. He finished with two points on 1-for-4 shooting in 11 minutes


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    hmm, some of the older heads complain about the way the nba game officiated, but i see this league is pretty much officiated just the same lol


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    yea the games were better the 2nd week....and I'm sure the camera and this shit being live will come with time and decent ratings.
    5th Letter
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    Lenny Cooke need a run
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    Was floor level for the big3 in charlotte shit was dope
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    Just KEEP it black fam @ least the face of it. I know it's some half racists half homo CAC and a witch nose Synagogue of Satan dwelling Jew behind the scenes but ok!
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