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Official KOTD Bunker: B-Dot vs Cortez (1.9.17)



  • iKingGodGivBiziKingGodGivBiz What title? Posts: 29,274 Regulator
    I forced myself to watch it B Lux won 2-1 but fuck it Cortez w the W as soon as B-Lux said Im Pi RU...counter productive ass niggas , how u set tripping, killing niggas, uplifting the minds and respecting black queens all in one day....Danny Myers had it right..." Niggas never bring the change they promise"

    Forced yaself to watch aka I wanted to watch but I had to act like a reluctant ass hating ass nigga first. Cool.

    He does explain the "gangsta" angle if you want to look at it. Its like a 3 minute video.

    Its Cortez and a nigga who shang tsung another niggas style..... theres nothing redeemable there...shit auto played on my youtube so i said fuck it and watched the shit. as far as the gangsta shit Nah nigga I'm good....

    At least you being honest my brother. Much respect.

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    Karma es verdad.
  • geechee slimgeechee slim I bomb atomicly with socrates philosophies and hypothesis Posts: 2,460 ✭✭✭✭✭

    There was a time when we battled each other. We used angles, and a bunch of fictional guns. I had Lux/Biblical angles against Biz, and guns/murder for Goldie. But it was all jokes. This nigga B Dot is so fraud to me, even with bars. I looked at him like he was Soulja Boy when he said he was a blood. He really didn't have to use this angle, especially against Cortez.

    Ernesto wasn't bad. I'll even agree that Puerto Rican, Cuban and Latin culture has influenced hip hop since the seventies. And I'll even agree that all lives do matter. But I think he didn't even have to use that angle either. This is probably what B Dot was expecting.

    Fr fr, this banging colors is getting corny for the culture. Cortez won imo.

    Geechee Slim, Geechee Goo
    Geechee Me, Geechee YOU!

  • gnsgns Bleeding 24/7 Posts: 21,285 ✭✭✭✭✭
    I wonder why real esses dont respect bloods in pacoma flats was such a controversial line?
    Its either they do or they dont.

    Daylyt : chill, they dont know, they dont know
  • #1hiphopjunki3#1hiphopjunki3 Posts: 3,555 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Really good battle. like many stated Cortez got round 1 and B-Dot killed him in round 3, round 2 was a close one.

    I thought B-Dot's round 3 was by far the best round of the whole thing though.
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