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OTTB Screens: Hitman Hart Wrestling With Shadows

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This idea springs from the idea of us planning to watch old events (what happened to that?) basically its the same thing but with documentaries/movies about wrestling.

I randomly chose Hitman Hart: Wrestling With Shadows as the first thing we can watch and discuss. Its an hour and a half and will be posted in here for discussion. Watch at your leisure and post thoughts.

A brief synopsis is this documentary follows the last year of Bret's WWF career. The film was okay'd prior to the Montreal Screwjob and filming was taking place during the entire thing.

Its a dope look into Bret, his origins, his family, crucial angles like the stuff he was doing with HBK, the Canadian Hero gimmick and of course Montreal 1997.

If you've never seen it, its essential viewing. Take some time to watch and post thoughts. It'll come back.
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