Putting Linux on my old computer

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I am about to put Linux on my old laptops. Just looking at the ones I have now. It will be Ubuntu and Cloudready: Never ware for the very old ones.

I will also change them all to SSD. I am trying to find some cheap SSDs to buy.

These laptops will generally be for my mom, nieces and nephews to crash and fuck over.

Anybody ever fuck with Neverware. I have Ubuntu on my very old PC. Shit runs like a champ and the apps stay current.




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    @caddo man Personally I use CentOS, Kali, and sometimes Fedora. I need to maintain some level of compatibility with my clients and they use either Red Hat or CentOS.

    For a personal machine that you're just screwing around with, Fedora should be fine. I wouldn't invest in SSD's unless the current drives are on their last leg, and even then I'd probably just hit up Newegg for some cheap hard drives instead of SSD's.

    I have Kali on an old Dell Mini 10 netbook (Intel Atom N450). Changing the default desktop from Gnome3 to MATE gave a drastic increase in speed. Gnome3 is very heavy handed as a desktop environment. Changing to MATE (which is a fork of the older, much faster Gnome2) or XFCE will speed things up tremendously.

    Personally, I wouldn't fuck with Neverware and stick to Fedora or Ubuntu for your older machines.
    caddo man
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