Survivor: Game Changers

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Boom! And we’re back! As the world seems to be crumbling down around us, with uncertainty and disparity filling the hearts of many, there’s one steady, reliable rock you can always count on: Survivor! On Wednesday, March 8, Survivor is back for its 34th season with an extra-long, 120-minute Premiere Episode, beginning at 8 pm (EST) on CBS. Yes, the one thing that I hear people ask me all the time from people who don’t watch the show is: Survivor?!? That show is still on?!? Well not only is it on, but it’s going strong. Wednesday’s premiere marks the 500th episode of the show, the longest-running Reality Competition Show on TV, with no signs of stopping anytime soon.

For those counting, CBS released some unbelievable stats to celebrate the occasion: Survivor has now been on for 17 (!!!) years, with 498 contestants competing over 18 countries, 110 tribes and 1290 days, and the show has earned 56 Emmy nominations. There have been 46 states represented (can you guess which four have not?) and they’ve recorded over 99,000 hours of footage. There have been 14 medical evacuations, 511 torches snuffed and 48 hidden Immunity Idols used. The oldest player (Rudy Boesch) was 76 and the youngest (Will Wahl) was 18. Counting Sandra‘s double-win, there have been 19 male and 14 female winners crowned as Sole Survivor.



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    I need for either Cirie or Ozzy to get the win they deserve
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    very interesting that you will no longer be able to split the votes in a tie to try to draw out the idol

    we will see how it plays out

    looking forward to this cast of characters all thrown together
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    i find it hilarious how huge of a threat people find cirie when shes never won


    theres sandra with 2 wins and nobody bats an eye at her

    first time she not only receives zero votes but her name is not even mentioned among multiple options

    second time one of the best winners ever comes directly for her neck and gets sent packing

    she didnt get any votes the second time either

    not even tony voted for her

    she got him to vote for his day 1 alliance member then he weakly has the nerve to say everyone else is a sheep on his exit

    hats off to sandra for pulling that off

    still cant stand her

    probably the first time in a while shes actually got off her ass to make a move
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    happy to see cierra voted out first though

    i cant stand her either

    it was fun watching her have an epiphany at tribal council and go to rocks but other than that ive never enjoyed watching her

    im sure shes a lovely woman just not very dynamic and very much a one trick pony
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    the goat scene was great and felt like something out of the first couple seasons

    when i heard that goat scream when it was picked up i knew there was no way they could kill that baby or the mom

    they would be vilified for it forever
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    JT trying to set up sandra to go home without getting any blood on his hands and having his right hand man go home instead is so JT

    in heroes vs villians he flat out gives russell an idol and 'trusts him' and basically torpedos the entire heroes in one fell swoop

    the more this dude plays the more its evident that stephen fishbach was pretty much running the show in season 18

    JT was just able to southern charm them all
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