Survivor: Game Changers



  • ckfreeckfree Posts: 8,024 ✭✭✭✭✭
    zeke gameplay last episode was hilariously bad

    turn on 2 people who were loyal to him because they might be awful f3 opponents and for a need to make 'big moves' -- there is a reason the other side thought he was lying when he went to them because it made no logical sense to flip on allies -- the logic and rationality for whatever he did that second episode is baffling if not moronic but i feel its a representation of why this new evolution of survivor that probst and production try to encourage is precisely why you will never win

    if he ever returns in a future season he will be the 1st target of any returning player because he has proven himself untrustworthy

    hes obsessed with big moves almost as bad as ciera
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