Is It Okay for your girl to sit on another dudes lap?

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on some gangsta shit


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    i don't like how these nasty fake health articles are sneaking past my adblock. no bueno.
    b'mer...Breezy_KilroyBender Rodriguez
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    Your thread sucks
    JokerzWyldinfamous114purpngoldDR. JEK$tayRichROLLIN
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    trick question?
    So ILLKingFreemantraestar
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    Yea, perfectly fine for her to do that. What the fuck is wrong with us who think otherwise.
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    Sure it's okay for my girl to do that...............................

    ............................if she wants to get her walking papers.
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    Stop making threads
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    SneakDZA wrote: »
    i don't like how these nasty fake health articles are sneaking past my adblock. no bueno.

    Ads to urban erotica are on mine. :astonished:
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    No..and to broadcast that shit on social media would make it 10 times worse.
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