Who Remembers These Two Songs?



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    I always used to hear that sporty thievz album is actually good I just never got around to listening to it

    Whoever told you those lies should be ashamed of themselves. That song was trash and nobody bought their album when they first debuted. Fuck 5 Granddaddy I.U.; I can take you on a stroll down memory lane!

    "In 1998, their album Street Cinema was released on Roc-A-Bloc/Ruffhouse Records. The majority of the production was handled by Ski, famous for his work on Jay-Z's Reasonable Doubt.

    Don't tell me what you feel about the single I want to know about the album, because that sounds like something that could be dope

    No shade; I actually like those particular songs on RD, but that doesn't mean I got to like Street Cinema. Some music producers try to add some versatility to their music because of the negative feedback from fans. Around the late '90s, most hip hop fans loved that jiggy/shiny suits type of music. Ski was probably a beast in that recording studio, but nobody gave a damn hence for why SC flopped like it did.

    Sounds like you're jumping to a conclusion without actually listening to the album,you've mentioned the singles and it flopping but nothing about the actual album, I've heard multiple times that it's "actually" good meaning no one believed the album would be any good due to their goofy singles but surprisingly it is

    Wait, what? I did listen to that album and it was a snooze fest, darling.
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