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At first listen, the allure might be that we have no face to match to these soothing, honest, brassy vocals. But as the short songs keep going, the talent and impression is undeniable. Whoever H.E.R. is, we’re here for it. The project dropped on Apple Music and SoundCloud on September 9th, and quickly, our favorite veterans and newcomers in hip-hip and R&B started sharing the mysterious project. Alicia Keys, Bryson Tiller, Tyrese, Pusha T, and Wyclef Jean are some of the artists on board with the RCA Records signee’s newest release, shouting out the project and reposting her songs. With all this love, it was pushed to the top 1 slot on iTunes’ R&B charts. Apparently, the 7-cut Vol. 1 insinuates more is on the way.

Standout songs include the beautifully woozy “Focus,” a slowed-down sensual bit that spotlights the singer’s ease into sex appeal. “Losing,” the opening song, teases an Aaliyah “At Your Best” sample, and the songstress plays with gritty runs, explaining an up-and-down relationship amidst busy schedules and studio time. “Facts” and “U” are instant favorites for their relatable lyrics, catchy choruses and MC-stylized lyric play. “Pigment” is cut short, which gives us a good idea that this is just the first installment of more to come from the R&B mystery girl.

Whoever the sultry singer is, her vocals have definitely a hint that she’s seasoned, and with the only credit given to Executive Producer DJ Campor and album artwork by Justine Skye’s photographer Renell Medrano, she definitely has a good team behind her. Stream the tape below in case you missed it, and look out for more from the mystery girl on her website.





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