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33 FACTS you can't deny that prove Undertaker is Overrated

blu197blu197 Posts: 6,785 ✭✭✭✭✭
edited April 3 in Off The Turn Buckle
1) Never the guy
2) Never had a good match before 2006 and even then was carried by vastly superior workers
3) Never cut a memorable promo
4) Never put anyone over
5) Never had the balls to step out his WWF comfort even when Ted Turner threw millions at him
6) Main evented the lowest drawing Wrestlemania of the '90s
7) Main evented the lowest drawing Wrestlemania of the '10s
8) Tanked the buyrate of King Of The Ring in 2002 so hard the PPV got cancelled
9) Was barely ever in the main title picture in AE bc he was never a big enough deal
10) Only the 2nd best member of The Brothers of Destruction
11) Only the 4th best member of The Ministry
12) Only the 8th best member of The Corporate Ministry
13) His backstage clique "The Bone Street Krew" was utter jabronis to The Kliq and achieved nothing notable except inflicting Savio Vega on us
14) His biker cosplay was cringeworthy
15) His MMA cosplay was cringeworthy
16) Ironically calls himself """"DA BEST PURE STRIKER IN DA WWE""""
17) Shit taste in whiskey
18) Shit hairline
19) Has his ex wife's tattooed on his neck
20) Failed at his first marriage so badly that he resorted to marrying an anorexic bimbo
21) Only significant achievement was accidently being booked to have a Wrestlemania streak
22) Drew so poorly in his 1997 title run that Bret Hart of all people had to take the belt off him
23) Spent the latter part of his career burying superior young talent
24) The biggest impact he had on the business was sitting around in the back and telling the GOAT HBK to job to someone who could actually draw dimes.
25) Buried DDP and ruined his potential WWE career because he didn't shake his hand backstage
26) Buried Bray Wyatt (twice) for no reason
27) Drew lower ratings in his feud with Kane in late 2010 than an Edge vs Dolph Ziggler feud, a Mark Henry title run, and a Christian vs Orton feud
28) Killed the World Heavyweight Championship (the last time the WHC would be defended in a PPV main event was Hell in a Cell 2010)
29) None of the Wrestlemanias he main evented got more buys than the previous year
30) Was on the B-show for the majority of his career after the draft
31) Huge mark for himself, according to Paul London he drives around with the license plate "DEADMAN" and wears his own merchindise
32) Besides Wrestlemania 13 having the lowest buyrate ever, it is the only Wrestlemania ever not to sell out
33) Couldn't draw LeBron James to come out of his locker room to meet him despite getting dressed up and waiting for an hour
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