Aries Spears get Punk'd out by Light Skinned Zo Williams on The Corey Holcomb 5150 Show



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    This ass whoppin might have ended what little career he had left. Watch him try to check into rehab to try and gain some sympathy.
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    Looked like Zo tried to wipe lettuce off of Aries face with that first punch

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    I just found out that Zo is from Chattanooga. He used to be a local manager for this rapper name Lil Rell. Plus from the Alton Park projects. No wonder he was quick to put them hands on Aries Spears

    this fight wasn't a good look for either of us. Zo barely touched dude at point blank range and Aries (grew up in jersey) didn't even try to fight back. when I get down there shots on me my dude lmao

    He's from Jersey? Oh hell naw.

    Born in New York moved to Jersey when he was 11

    We good man

    Oh, so he learned how to become a sucker in new jersey....gotcha

    Lmao watch your fuckin mouth

    If he don't you gone put them forearms on em?
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    Still funnier than Eddie Griffin

    How Sway?
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    Update & replay

    The funny thing is, b4 the fight went down, I've heard Aries give nuff props to Corey Holcomb, Corey on the other hand seems to care less for Aries
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    Dam Tommy say he gonna body corey at 38:00
    I tweeted corey he tweeted me back talking shit

    The Real Reason Aaron Hernandez Was Acquitted Of …:

    Didnt watch
    ..Tommy S is a coon..

    How sway kus we dont like blak women
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    Those are some of the worst fists ive ever seen thrown. Wtf was that???lol. Oh yeah expect that Lawsuit
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    Yea and then got ya snitching ass ethered


    Lol nigga half snitched. He said if corey run up on him he was gonna pull the Thang out. You made it seem like he was looking for corey.
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    Dead @ after that first elbow a nigga said "oooohhh".
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    tommy is a gang banger
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    I like tnn raw and the 5150 show I think this is immature, we have freedom of speech in this country, also tommy is saying he helped just about all of them a couple years ago, if this is true I look at this situation differently , u can't just put your hands on someone cuz u don't like something they said, and these people are all above 40
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    Copper wrote: »
    Still funnier than Eddie Griffin

    This threads hilarious but who we talmbout here Aries spears? He's not on eddie's level at all
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    Wait this nigga's name is Simon in 2017?
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    Real professional. Ain't Corey and Zoe pushing 50? SMH @ a brother pushing 50 talking about "I got that work". Didn't Zoe have a show called "Voice of reason" @ Foxxhole a few years ago? This brother Zoe was pontificating on some smart dumb brother Oswald Bates sh*t, "kicking knowledge", talking about what the black community should do and how to handle relationships. Then I see him fist fight a drunk like he's a teenager with nothing to lose. This brother is way too old to be fighting a drunk, cracked out hack comedian over petty insults and words. These brothers need to grow up. If Aries had pressed charges, Zoe and them could get in trouble. If Aries was non-black, he probably wouldn't "put hands on him".
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    I gave you a wack because man they too old for that. I laughed a little but its one of those i'm laughing but it aint funny type things. I was a little embarrassed. that Ortiz chick ice t's ex can get it though.

    How are they too old for it?
    If someone is constantly disrespecting you and you are older, what r u supposed to do? Sit there and say "I am too old" or try to reason with an irrational person because you are too old?
    Run away from another older person because you think you are too old?
    How about walking away from the situation? You don't have to respond to any and everything. If you got something to lose and a family to provide for, you won't fight over "disrespect". F*ck I look like catching a case over some petty sh*t I could easily walk away from. The majority of you guys talking that dumb, emotional sh*t and condoning Zo's 50 y/o a*s behavior, wouldn't do anything for him if he got in some legal trouble behind this.
    All this rara sh*t should be out of your system once you hit your 20's and start your career. This was childish on Zo's part. No way around it.
    I'll only fight for my deen or to protect myself and my loved ones, but I won't fight over petty a*s pride and ego like I'm a 16 y/o living at home with not much to lose. That's the problem with dumb n*ggas like you. Ya'll perpetual teenagers. Ya'll only tough against other black men though. All that "real n*gga" sh*t goes out the window when a non-black person does something you don't like. If your white co-worker "disrespects" you, you'll swallow that pride or atleast think twice before fighting them over words or a slight because you know there will be repercussions. You "protest" and "march" when these slant eyed gook bastards are fighting black women like they're males, but are quick to "put hands on a n*gga" if you "feel disrespected" SMH.
    nex gin
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    And this people is the reason why the black community is in the state it is in cuz this is how 50 year old adults act in the black community, white people press charges and go to court, black people beat people up ,then the person who got jumped on comes back with a gun and shoots an 11 year old girl in the head by accident trying to shoot the fools who jumped him. And u have people just as old cheering this shit on, yes I bung light to corey, that he said if they run up on him what he would do I don't wanna see another black man loose his life to another black man I see it all too often here in my city
    nex gin
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    So what. Shut the fuck up

    No one wants to be like white people. Fuck what they do
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