Flex & Wack have joined together in conspiracy to assassinate the character Of not only Mr. Shakur,

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They're too old for this bullshit

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    Flex got to be lying
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    @gns fuck you too, fam
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    slightly off topic but heres what happened when wack and hov ran into each other....
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    I just checked for a bio on wack, come across a allhiphop article by Chuck Creekmur from 2016.

    Just consisted of a lot of cock sucking and stanning, couldn't get through the article.

    Here's an excerpt that I stopped reading at, due to it being contradictory to everything wack has been over the last few years since the stitches incident:

    This dude lives in a big house, drives the flyest whips, has a beautiful wife, yet this guy is quintessential Lil Wayne when he raps, “Real G’s move in silence like lasagna.” (You do know that the “G” in the word “Lasagna” is silent?) And by the way, Wack 100 is only 39 years old and don’ done more than the average man will ever do in these streets and in this industry.

    Article if you care to read:
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    Flood that niggas Twitter and IG with pac songs
    Soloman_The_Wisenex ginSo ILL
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    Flex gotta have something personal with Pac.. I don't get why Pac get his blood boiling every time
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    Cain wrote: »
    Pac did Cheddar Bob himself tho.......let's not forget that.

    Flex just riding for his city/area/coast same thing you Stan/fan niggas do on here every day. He's still a jackass for speaking on a dead man.

    Wack is just a Suge clone dude used to be a security guard for 40glocc. He basically be saying the same thing the MOB nigga from Murder Rap said about Pac.

    Who's he riding against? It's 2017 that beef is hip hop history now. He still holding on to old grudges?
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