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Ya Ever Heard This Story About Jay And Bey

Angeles1son85Angeles1son85 I'm an animal I shoulda been born in JumanjiLos AngelesPosts: 13,091 ✭✭✭✭✭
in the story Giselle=Bey

Ok Due to this being a very touchy situation and because I knew Kathy
white for years Let me give my disclosure. The Following post and
views you are about to read are not the words of Incaseyoudidntknow
Gina Torress or S.T.S Inc These are strictly reports that have been
relayed to us from colleagues, friends, and Reporters. When there is
something that we know specifically we will note in the post

Now Let's start from the Beginning For everyone who does not know what
a publicist does. A publicist is a person hired to contact media and
generate publicity for their clients. in 2000 the Publicist really
started becoming a necessity in Black Hollywood. Now the publicist had
been around for years but around 2000 is when everybody started hiring
Publicist and out of Howard University was a young Black woman
determined to make it in the entertainment world as a journalist,
Cathy Coreana White better known as Cori. She knew she would have to
find some sought of stepping stone so she started writing on some
online publications such as Global Grind and other industry related
sites.She allegedly started generating media for new personalities
such as Claudia Jordan and Julissa from B.E.T. Cathy created her own
At age 22 she was fully invested in the industry scene and it is
rumored to be around 2001 where Cathy Met Jay-z at a radio interview
in DC at the age of 19. According to Members of The Beat she told him
she was A Publicist but wanted to be a journalist and she was
interested in doing some PR work for him' Allegedly Jay-z was smiling
and very intrigue with Cori. they exchanged numbers:
End Of Part 1

J said he would get her in touch with his firm. Cathy started hanging
more around Claudia and she stayed with her on occasion when she would finish late from doing Pr work.After graduation, she was fully indulged in the
NewYork Industry Life taking trips to Los Angeles and Las Vegas.She
connected with Sean Puffy Combs through Claudia and Diddy was
interested in her doing some Pr Work for some of his artists. Cathy
hung around the circle of Claudia Jordan Jigga Puffy and Russell
Simmons for years to come. People in the industry say that Cathy White
since the Age of 20 had a relationship with J.. This was before His
Marriage. He was dating his wife but not married Several
trips to Las Vegas with Claudia and Diddy and other friends with Jigga
to make it seem more business-like ....This is a quote directly from me Gina Torress it is a industry known fact that j likes them much younger than him it is also a known fact that whenever j.. Was up to know good a lot of the times sean puffy combs was not to far behind diddy was his (excuse for a lot of years)
As Cathy started to come up friends in the circle allegedly said that claudia started to get a little jealous.
You Can quote me on this. Everyone on the new york side of the industry knew about j and Cathy
there relationship pretty much remained private until one night in vegas changed everything. It was the Mayweather/Marquez fight .
End of part 2

Cathy was allegedly caught on camera by a photigrapher for a tabloid. Allegedly Body guards got that picture because several online websites were saying they had the pic then all of a sudden those pics disappeared but wwhen a well known messy blogger said " he wasnt afraid of J and started to report the story. Cathy found herself in a battle aganst him .. At this point and time the blogger allegedly received death threats but then a tabloid got the news and offered Cathy a large some of money to come out. She then according to one of her close friends who does not want to be named but she has confirmed to me that Claudia had started feeling jealous that Cathy was in a side relationship with Jigga. Now it gets deep because Cathy according to the circle had contacted Jay and let him know what was offered and told him she wanted to go public.Reportedly Jigga was very upset becauase at this time Cathy was starting to feel like it was coming to an end because he is now married and when he first got married one of her friends quoted claudia as saying " he didnt even tell cori. Now regardless of what people want to believe jiggas wife has been aware and skeptical about j.. And his infidelities (all you have to do is listen to songs like Ring the Alarm ) she found out about Free she found out about the trinidadian model who j has long been rumored to have a secret child with .but the rumor around the pr world is that Giselle once called Cathy because Jay made her seem like some crazed stalker and that helped convince Cathy to decide to go public because according to Cathys Friend Giselle Threatened Cathy .
End of part 3

Cathy is going Public she has made up her mind she has pretty much
not dated any men since J.. allegedly told her in 2004 he doesn't want
her seeing anyone else even though he was dating Giselle. He would
complain about her hanging out with Claudia too much. Claudia
according to numerous people is badmouthing Cathy saying "she flying
everywhere and got all these bags and shit but living in a messy 1
bedroom apartment" but Cathy was loyal to Claudia she even bought her
a bag worth $2500 Yes! J kept her laced even buying her a ring years
before he bought a similar ring for his wife years later.
Ok on September 2, 2011, Cathy White a young promising LA Publicist
was found dead roughly 48 hours after the announcement that Giselle
was pregnant. Did J..z Have his mistress KILLED
Noone knows that is a industry secret no one wants to uncover
Well, Let's go by what we do know we do know Jigga got killers I mean
Hey Kanye even says that, we know that 2 days before her death All of
Cathy's social media accounts were suddenly deleted. All of them. We
know for a fact that she was contacted by a tabloid about her
relationship with Jigga and what do we always tell you? In those cases
when you are not there the first story is always the most accurate.
The very first report was she died from Trauma to the head, by the
time the spin doctors got a hold of it it was a brain anurysem. Oh, i
forgot one more thing that Publicist do, they also spin bad stories so
their client isn't attached to it. To this day Cathy's social media
never got recovered and during her funeral not one family member or
friend confessed to deleting her social media.
End of story
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