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2017 NBA Off Season Thread: Draft & Free Agency & Summer League



  • MillzOGMillzOG OG Posts: 14,490 Regulator
    Can't join Goldie site, nigga thought his modship meant real life rank over here i could only imagine how it go on his site

    Then again I might if @MillzOG take the fantasy league over there :#

    I know I'm about to make the thread for the NFL OG league tomorrow.
  • All5KingDriveAll5KingDrive I'm Everywhere You Never TherePosts: 242 ✭✭
    edited August 12
    blackrain wrote: »
    blackrain wrote: »
    TheBoyRo wrote: »

    It's funny how all this lil shit leakin now. LeBron always gotta control the narrative. I can't wait for the day James/Damon Jones writes a tell all book about all the lil shit LeBron be on away from the camera

    You don't think in the midst of teams inquiring about a trade they're finding out this info and that's how it leaks?

    Aye, Bruh
    LeBron don't need a Defense team on The IC
    His publicists are doin just fine controllin the narrative

    Nigga it's called using common sense. When a player requests a trade, teams ask around about them. With as many teams that are asking abotu Kyrie it ain't a shock you'd get some stories out there

    Why so serious, B?
    These just jokes
    It's the Weekend, smoke 1
    I overstand. Elliot's 6 game suspension, & the fragile health of Bradley Beal got you...
  • So ILLSo ILL Posts: 16,431 ✭✭✭✭✭
    D.D.S. wrote: »
    @beta and @tommybilfiger are both jobless faggots that care waaaaayyyy too much about this internet shit. You got one nigga that stay on here all fucking day and you got another nigga that complains about how "trash" this site is but he's always posting on here lmao smh

    Right on cue this lame comes off lurk status.I didn't even @ duke

    Pressed cats who send out nigganudes to white women pushing 40,beg ic chicks to talk to them despite her curving you hard & post busted hoes who look like kadeem hardison don't have room to talk about nobody.

    Why didn't you have all this moxy when pimp mvp habitually sonned you? instead you begged admins to ban him.
    Gotdamn lmao.
  • KnowReasonForPeaceKnowReasonForPeace Legit 80s Baby... Posts: 2,961 ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited August 12
    What is this new ic shit? What i miss?
  • silverfoxxsilverfoxx Posts: 11,699 ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited August 12
  • Chi-Town BullyChi-Town Bully Posts: 29,218 ✭✭✭✭✭
    D.D.S. wrote: »
    Man fuck everybody dawg. I'm one of the most intellectual and objective on this fucking board, dawg. Niggas like Hustle is a straight lame. Crybaby ass Houston fans always bitching on here. Fuck them, too

    Stop letting that nigga get you riled up, you're acting like he wants you to.
  • King_MOEbraKing_MOEbra Posts: 8,317 ✭✭✭✭✭
    I think the Pelicans can be the Central Time Zone version of the Showtime Lakers.

  • #1hiphopjunki3#1hiphopjunki3 Posts: 3,550 ✭✭✭✭✭
    And just being honest, despite all the shit we talk about this place its the best spot for day to day basketball discussion for me personally. It's still some good posters and we have a pretty diverse group of fans

    Too many idiots/trolls on social media, I don't talk to people at work and out of the people I kick it with only 1-2 really know their shit

    If yall decide on a mass exodus somewhere else or want to give the new IC a chance Im down

    If not I'll just stick to lurking Clutch Fans and Orangebloods

    Same here. I enjoy reading the post in this thread and respect a lot of you folks opinion on the sport. The banter in here is also hilarious most of the time. The chats will be missed and if many like @southsil4lil stated decides to use another forum to chat about the NBA hit me up and I will give it a try also.
  • infamous114infamous114 Down in Miami where it's warm in the winter. Posts: 51,967 Regulator
    Didn't Waiters punch Irving in their time in Cleveland?
  • BetaBeta #FastFamily Posts: 65,407 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Didn't Waiters punch Irving in their time in Cleveland?

    Yes he's pretty much saying he can catch it again if need be lol wtf dion


    #1hiphopjunki3Focal Pointiron man1
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