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Hawaii could become the first state to offer its citizens universal basic income



  • rickmogulrickmogul IFNOTYNOT Posts: 1,914 ✭✭✭✭✭
    They gonna go spam eating crazy. Never knew they loved that shit like that.
  • janklowjanklow god's lonely man. Posts: 8,575 Regulator
    idk if thatd fly...theyve already been raising taxes paying for this over budget bs rail
    blue states take a lot to pump the brakes on raising taxes. right or wrong, it's what happens when you want the government to pay for more and more and more.
    That sounds about right. Similar to Bernie Sanders' idea of Medicaid for all, sounds great in theory, but hard to make it actually work.

  • BIGG WILLBIGG WILL Posts: 2,559 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Tubbs, who was born and raised in Stockton and first elected to city council at 22, read about the idea of a guaranteed basic income in Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s last book, "Where Do We Go From Here: Chaos or Community?" In the book, King writes: "I'm now convinced that the simplest approach will prove to be the most effective  —  the solution to poverty is to abolish it directly by a now widely discussed measure: the guaranteed income."

    Called the Stockton Economic Empowerment Demonstration (SEED), Tubbs and the city of Stockton announced their initiative Wednesday. In the coming six to nine months, SEED will go through a design period where the city will work with social scientists and community leaders to determine, among other things, the number of residents who will be part of the initial test phase of the program and how to select participants.
    Checks of $500 per month are expected to start being distributed to Stocktonians in the second half of 2018. The goal is to grow the program as the city can afford to do so.

    Stockton's SEED program is being funded initially with a $1 million grant from the Economic Security Project. It's also accepting crowdfunded donations to the project with a Crowdrise campaign. The Economic Security Project is an organization aiming to raising awareness of universal basic income in the United States and is co-chaired by future of work expert Natalie Foster, Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes and scholar and leader Dorian T. Warren.

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