Should wrestlers make tips?

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This is taking place in a FB group.


I figured its an interesting enough subject to bring up here...
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Should wrestlers make tips? 4 votes

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    First off, I gotta say WC is a fucking fantastic show. I've only missed 3 shows since September or October, whenever it first started. Catch it on Twich, amazing. I see no difference from money being donated versus money being thrown at them like the luchadors in Mexico. Lio Rush cleaned up, last show or one before. Just means more money for the wrestlers. Tips don't go to WC, but the talent. The talent has raved about it and have been nothing but supportive of this. Nickel and diming is a b.s. statement because no one is obligated to pay for shit. It's a free show, and a fantastic one at that. Fuck Gabe, even though I fux with Evolve
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    Update: supposedly what Gabe wrote wasn't about WC in the first place.
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    Ill give jojo a tip
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