Dope MC or Wack Rapper part 15 Jim Jones

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The Dipset Copo himself. He struggled to stay on beat in the beginning of his career. But managed to put out some good albums. But with rumors of ghostwriters, is Jim a dope Mc or Wack rapper?

Dope MC or Wack Rapper part 15 Jim Jones 38 votes

Dope Mc
double0sugegum989THE_R_tompetrez3Ear2DaStBenjaminEMARIO_DROblackgod8135 GrandMatike85 10 votes
Wack Rapper
dwade206power_wisdomthemadlionsfanDarthRozayqawshunMoore7silledoutblue_londonits....JOHN Bskpjr78Trollio KamPushMeCashmoneyDuxTrillfategenocidecutterJonnyRoccITSolitary SoldierAggieLean.onetoughmiracleR2_163 28 votes


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