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SATURDAY classic vs classic......who is tonights (wk 18)

DR. JEKDR. JEK Posts: 5,324 ✭✭✭✭✭
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Welcome everybody it's week 18 of the best song battle series on the whole internet. Now you guys know the premise of this post. If both songs was on the radio, which song would you keep it on? Now after this week I'm gonna turn the keys over to an individual from this site and then if it happens to be Ice Cube I have something I'm excited about as far as a possible week four battle royal (shout out to its...John for that). But that's down the road Cube might not make it past today. Let's get it crackin yall

In this corner we have our champ Ice Cube with "It was a good day"!!!!!

And in the opposite corner, we have the challenger of the day, no its not Omari Hardwick but he does have a Ghost for a face, GhostFace killah with a tremendously sad one "All that I got is you"!!!

(Wonder who Built 4 Cuban Linx is gonna vote for) I will explain these last two battles a little later on but for now


SATURDAY classic vs classic......who is tonights (wk 18) 26 votes

It was a Good Day
73% 19 votes
All that I got is you
26% 7 votes


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