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So I Just Banned a fuckboi..

ThatDamnJayThatDamnJay Posts: 3,516 My Name Is My Name.
edited October 10 in AKA Donkey
yeah... @ReppinTime

he's been on here as long as I have, possibly even longer.

IC. just a couple of weeks ago, he boasted about running 5 ladies off of the site. even laughed about it.
ReppinTime wrote: »
I guess now is a good time to tell y'all I made 5 of ya fav females stop posting

FUCK yall niggas


your call:

So I Just Banned a fuckboi.. 19 votes

Ban the fuckboi for life, so he can come back here via alias and whine about it
infamous114TrillaaaaaaDarthRozayunspoken_respectgeronimo220Ajackson17StoneColdMikeysilverfoxxSplackavelliKnowReasonForPeaceLEMZIMUS_RAMSEYHuey_Cthe HamburglerPureYang 14 votes
Give the fuckboi country, after he begs long enough, let him come back
damnkpriddlerapVulcanRavenCashmoneyDuxblackgod813 5 votes

..................ROLL DAMN TIDE

Chi SnowElzo69RenaissanceRickyRichWestiea.mannStewOmegaConflictDNB1deadeyeCashmoneyDuxDupacdamnkpthatboydizzCottonCitySlimBrideofKillaVulcanRavenrip.dillablakfyahkingblack caesarDarthRozayCainBlackAX410unspoken_respect


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